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Polish Community Website for the East Riding

POLACY W GOOLE is the community website for Polish speakers across the East Riding. It aims to give Polish Communities the latest news and events where they live, in their own language.

www.polacygoole.com includes a range of useful information from news articles translated into Polish to useful contact details for local service providers, such as local councils and the NHS.

The site was created originally for the town of Goole by Polish speaking resident Daniel Giermanski to help those new to the area understand how local services, such as GP surgeries and schools, work and how to get help.

Daniel said:

My aim is to provide a Polish language website for people across the East Riding, where everyone can access information about services and share information to help one another settle into community life. I’m just really happy that my website is proving useful to people. I like England very much and want to do everything I can to help Polish people living here to integrate, and be understood and accepted.”

The website has been produced by Daniel free of charge and now looks set to develop as a useful online resource for all Polish communities across Hull and the East Riding.

Source: East Riding Council

16 thoughts on “Polish Community Website for the East Riding

  1. Hello Daniel
    I am trying to help our children to learn about diversity in their local community as we are a small school very close to Goole, where there is a thriving Polish community. The village where the children live and the school does not currently have any Polish residents and I am sure that the children would have a lot to learn from what you have set up here and why it is so important.
    I wonder if you would be interested or able to come and tell them about it?

    Kind regards
    K Frary- Headteacher at Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School

  2. We are looking for 16-24 years old polish people who will take part in learning activities at our centre, english, maths, trips, pool. camping communities activities, NVQ’s painting and decorating e.t.c . we are known as Myton Community College, and our Youth drop in starts from 4.00pm to 9.00pm. 1 Park Road, HU3 1TD, next to Pearson Primary School at the bottom of margaret Street, tel 07405499881 or 01482 210098

  3. There is nothing wrong with keeping people of their own community informed. My parents came to this country after the 2nd World War. My dad served in the Polish Army having fought at Monte Cassino in Italy against the Germans and a campaign through France and was finally demobbed in Scotland. My mother was in a camp in Germany during the war and was resettled to this country. Her home was taken over by the Russians as part of their country. My Dad met my mother at Burnley Mecca (Locarno – dance hall) They had a big Polish community in the area and would have loved information given of everything going on at the time. Events were passed on by word of mouth. So it is good that this website is useful to the Polish Community. My parents learned English working among the local communities whilst being employed. Keep it going Daniel!

  4. Hi is there any chance you can advertise my volleyball club. We start this Tuesday 06/09/2011 at 8pm.

    We play at bishop burton college sports centre.
    All men welcome of all ages.
    Looking forward to maybe seeing new faces 🙂

  5. This polish web site sounds like a job creation project for Daniel- i would think resourses would be better employed teaching Polish people to speak english – oops then again most speak english anyway.
    do chinese in Poland speak Polish ????
    Learn english !!!!

    1. hello,
      thank s for comment , I just want to let you know that I spent my own money to keep this website and everything what I am doing on my website is for free for everyone, all adverts and services are for free.
      thank you !

      1. Daniel – I think the service you are providing is fantastic and helps people from Poland have the opportunity to play a full part in their local East Riding communities.

        Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi, I would like to help you.
    I can inform them by my website for “Polish community in East Riding and Hull” based in Goole.
    Please send me message and I will translate it and post it on my website.
    thank you.

    1. This is a message for Daniel Giermanski – I would like to speak to you in relation to getting a group of Polish residents together to discuss various issues. I would like to hold the group in the Goole area and wondered if this is something you could help me with.

      I look forward to hearing from you

      kind regards

      Dawn Downs

  7. Hi my name is Jeanie, I currently work for the Preston Road Families Association. We are starting a new project Share to Survive Hard Times.
    We are looking to invite women of all ages to come and share their diverse craft skills, recipes and friendship. Whilst I have been informed that we have had polish families move in to the locale I have know way to inform them of our plans can you assist me please

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