A UNIQUE OVERVIEW on how well East Riding of Yorkshire’s public services are performing is available through the new, independent Oneplace website launched in December 2009.

As well as telling a story about an area, Oneplace sometimes uses green and red flags: green to indicate exceptional performance or improvement that other public services could learn from: red to signal significant concerns about performance and prospects for improvement where more, or something different, needs to be done.

The East Riding of Yorkshire area has a green flag for:

Pooling resources to target local priorities

however concerns remain about the gap between advantage and disadvantage in the region:

Sian Ferguson, Oneplace spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire said:

Life is good for most people in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Local public services generally work well together, pooling resources and delivering good, value for money services that improve life for many people. However, there are differences in quality of life, with many people in places like Goole and Bridlington still suffering disadvantages. They live shorter, less healthy lives and are significantly poorer than some of their neighbours. Public services are trying to tackle these inequalities and we will continue monitoring whether they are narrowing the gap between the worst and best off.”

Oneplace provides an independent overview of local public services. It will help people see how well their local services, including councils, police and the NHS, are serving their needs and how well these services are working together to improve an area’s quality of life.

Oneplace also gives useful suggestions on how residents can Make a Difference in their area.

Download the Oneplace East Riding Area Assessment (PDF 174kb).

Other information: East Riding Local Strategic Partnership

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