FLOOD FORECASTERS at the Environment Agency are keeping a close eye on the weather to watch for any early signs of flood risk.

We have seen heavy snowfall across the Yorkshire region and, while cold conditions are predicted to continue for some days yet, Environment Agency staff are closely monitoring the situation in readiness for when the thaw eventually arrives.

The small amount of water that results from snow or ice melt is not expected to cause significant flooding problems if it happens steadily.

Phil Younge, the Environment Agency’s regional flood and coastal risk manager, explains:

We continue to closely monitor weather conditions and river levels, which currently have capacity to cope with water from a gradual thaw. There is a possible flood risk if rain falls as the snow melts, as this adds to the volume of water as well as speeding up the rate of thaw. We use weather forecasting information from the Met Office to help us determine the likelihood of flooding. Obviously, if river levels rise significantly we will issue timely flood watches and flood warnings in areas affected.”

Access to Environment Agency depots and facilities, such as the Hull Tidal Flood Barrier, is being kept clear and monitored by staff.

Image: Kai, The Infomologist

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