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The Hedon Wishes to date 14th December 2009

LIST ALL YOUR IDEAS for making Hedon a better place to live and work!

The “Wishes” to date:

  • A town that doesn’t have dangerous traffic going through its centre!
  • More things for young people to do.
  • No more bad smells from Saltend!
  • Say NO to the incinerator!
  • More busses for Hedon
  • A shop that swaps, everything from dvd’s games to furniture and school clothing to prams just anything at all. but not cars
  • Happy Hour in the pubs!
  • More car parking facilities.
  • Better street lighting for Inmans
  • That all the street lights work!
  • An annual New Years celebration on Market Hill for the families of Hedon. The beacon could be lit (Click for more on this).
  • A new restaurant
  • Park and Ride
  • Traffic calming in the centre of Hedon
  • Decent restaurants and Cafe Bars

Add your wish to the list. You have until Sunday 31st January 2010 to add your wish!

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