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The Station Public House in Hedon

THE HEDON BLOGGERS were delighted to receive this old picture of The Station pub in a snow-covered Hedon on a Christmas card from current hosts Carl and Jackie. It is reproduced from a framed image that hangs in the pub.

But how old is it? Can anyone help in estimating when the pictue was taken?

7 thoughts on “The Station Public House in Hedon

  1. Our increasing knowledge and science allows us to understand the previously unexplained and paranormal – but it ruins a good ghost story!

    Besides – I understand there have been reports of other spooky goings on at The Station…..? (Theme from the Twilight Zone). Ooooo!

  2. I think ‘the ghost’ is due to the fact that in those days they had to use very long exposure times and if there was anybody in shot and they moved (like the walker in the picture) they didn’t register on the film – or in this case didn’t properly register on the film.
    That’s why when you see very old photos of town squares and the like there are very few people – they were there but they didn’t register on the film because they were moving going about their business.

  3. i live near hedon and love to find out the history of the place i would like to know more about this picture as i walk past this pub/hotel almost everyday!

  4. I lent the photo for Jackie the landlady of the Station Hotel to copy for her xmas card, I must say it is a good picture, however can anyone see the “ghost”. I leave it to you to look regards Jim

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