WHICH AREAS OF HEDON are traffic hotspots? Where are accidents most likely to occur?

Jean wrote about Market Hill:

Why oh why do we have double yellow lines on Market Hill? Please visit at 8.55 and 11.25 and likewise in the afternoon when the nursery children are dropped off and picked up. Many of the parents and guardians who drive up think ‘oh well, I’ll only be a minute’, but they don’t realise that there are many other selfish people like themselves doing the same thing. Add to that the visitors to the two doctors’ surgeries, Hedon Hire, and normal traffic, and you have chaos, and one day a tragedy. It’s even more manic when it is raining! More car parks are not the answer – that would lead to more cars. What we need is education, we need our children to get used to walking, yes, even in the rain, heaven forbid. Please leave your cars at home unless you live out of Hedon.

Do you agree that Market Place is a source of chaos and an accident waiting to happen? Leave your comments below.

Meanwhile the Hedon Blog will ask the East Riding Council to offer a viewpoint on this.

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2 thoughts on “Identify traffic hotspots in Hedon

  1. I totally concur with Jean’s views about ridiculous parking in Hedon; anywhere and everywhere seems to be the order of the day. Calling in the Co-op? Park on the double yellow lines; …in the bank?…double yellow lines… in the post office or anywhere else in the market place then double yellow lines are the preferred parking place. We’re supposed to have police, community support officers, traffic wardens… where are they and what sort of enforcement is effected? And that’s just the Market place! Market Hill, and side streets are equally affected – in the case of Market Hill even more so. If you complain to the Highways department at Beverley about parking problems they might extend the double yellow lines thus producing a wonderful opportunity for even more illegal parking.

    It’s just as bad when it comes to slowing traffic. Introduce a 20 mile an hour estate road speed limit and watch how often it’s breached. On the other hand to have a 24/7 20 mph limit outside South Holderness School seem to me to be crazy.

    Thank you Hedon Blog for allowing me to be a grumpy old man for a while!!

  2. Yes I do agree it’s chaotic, erm at most times in Market Hill, why is there so much grass there and not enough parking spaces, a lot of us older people need access to doctors and nurses regulary, so hence the need for more parking spaces.

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