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A report to be presented to the East Riding Council today claims that there is not enough evidence that foul odours from Yorkshire Water’s waste water treatment plant are causing a public nuisance.

This Blog reported on a three week study that was carried out by council environmental officers in June 2009.

During the three weeks 62 separate visits were made to Hedon, Preston and the works area. 254 separate assessments of odours were made. 44 calls were received from members of the public. A total of 126 hours of officer time were spent on the exercise on visits alone.

The final report says that improvements undertaken by Yorkshire Water have reduced foul smells with only intermittent occurances taking place.

The report concludes that although the Council has insufficient evidence to pursue legal action at the present time, it will continue to gather the opinions of residents and will respond to complaints.

An independent odour consultant will be employed by the Council to determine what further actions should be taken by Yorkshire Water.

Let’s hope that the Council’s “expert nose” can smell the pongs that other Council noses cannot sniff!?

See East Riding Council Odour Monitoring Report

7 thoughts on “Insufficient evidence of foul odours from Saltend – Pong expert to be employed.

  1. I have notice a smell form the site during this week on a couple of occassions possible on Tues Wed, did anyone else notice any.

  2. Received this e-mail from Tom Phillips, Yorkshire Water’s Central Case Manager on the 22nd June. Tom also tried to contact me by phone several times to explain:

    Thank you for your email regarding the odour from our Saltend wastewater treatment works (wwtw). I’m sorry you’ve noticed the odours on this occasion and had to take the time and effort to email us about it.

    While it’s difficult for us to keep the odours within the boundary fence, we’re working very hard to reduce the impact that the odours have upon local residents in the area. This has involved substantial investment in an odour control unit (OCU) which our records (and those of the local Environmental Health department) show has improved the situation.

    Regrettably, we had to perform some routine maintenance on the OCU recently which meant the unit had to be switched off for a short period of time. During this work, we recorded higher than normal levels of hydrogen sulphide (this is the gas that people normally detect) being emitted from the site. However, the work is now complete and the OCU is performing efficiently once more.

    It’s possible that you may detect the odours in the future, particularly as you pass the site on the main road. We’re still working very hard on reducing the odours even further because we appreciate that they are not pleasant. This work will be ongoing throughout 2010 and into the future and I hope sincerely that you don’t have to take the time to email us again.

    If you do detect any further odours from site, please call me directly on 01274 804015 as soon as possible. That way, we can investigate immediately and find out what was causing the odour. If you would like any further information, please call me and I’ll be happy to help.

    Yours sincerely

    Tom Phillips
    Central Case Manager

  3. I have rang up so many times but its constant hassle and theres constant smell! Finding the phone number waiting for soeone to answer the cal etc etc. Jims idea is excellent and would cost just about nothing!

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