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Keep on reporting the Smellies!

Odour ReportsFollowing blogging about the bad smells from Yorkshire Water’s waste water treatment facility in June this year I registered to receive updates from YW about these.

The first e-mail notification of update to Hull and Saltend News duly arrived by e-mail today.

The number of complaints received by Yorkshire Water is actually very low – the bad smell is sometimes very prevalent (particularly noticeable when passing the Saltend site at 6pm in the evening!) but obviously local residents have got used to it and no longer bother to complain!

Perhaps we need to organise a “report-it month” and pledge ourselves to Bad smells!report every foul odour that emanates from the site. We should remind Yorkshire Water that the problem remains and not resign ourselves to meekly accepting the fact.

What are your views?

Information: Weekly Odour+Report+21-27+September2009

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