Humber LifeboatA local campaign aims to bring ultrafast broadband to one of the most remote lifeboat stations in the country.

The Humber Lifeboat  Station is situated at the tip of Spurn Point. The site is a perfect location for the life-saving service to be based and hundreds of lives have been saved since it was first established there in 1810.

The station is home to the crew and their families – a small population of only 29 people. Living at the station can be quite difficult if you consider that the nearest shops are 8 miles away. Most of the services that we all take for granted are generally not available at the site and this includes broadband.

Now Fibrestream have announced plans to bring a fibre optic link to the base to help the families keep in touch with the outside world.

However volunteers are needed to lend a hand in digging a two foot trench to bury the cables. Fibrestream have issued a “shout” for people to come down to Spurn, pick up a shovel and help the crew to dig their own fibre.

If people want to lend a hand then they are asked to get in touch see Fibrestream Digging Deep for RNLI.

Other information:

RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Website.

About Spurn Point.

Local sources of help and information on volunteering: Hull Volunteer Centre and East Riding Voluntary Action Services.

2 thoughts on “Volunteers needed to help bring broadband to isolated RNLI outpost at Spurn Point

  1. More about this solution can be found on the BBC site

    In Yorkshire, where it is estimated that 20% of homes and businesses cannot get 2Mbps broadband, a company called FibreStream has come up with some novel ways of bringing faster speeds to remote communities.

    Later this summer it will begin laying fibre along the railway track of the North Yorkshire Moor steam railway.

    The network will eventually serve a series of communities including Newton, Stape, Levisham, Goathland and Grosmont, and the coastal town of Whitby.

    “Old railway tracks provide a ready-made corridor for fibre,” said Guy Jarvis, chief executive of FibreStream.

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