The Daddy of all Broadband!

Super-fast Broadband of 100mb per second download speed – “the Daddy of all Broadband” – is set to be brought to the Great Thornton estate in Hull according to the Fibrestream Blog.

Fibre Optic CableIn a unique partnership involving Fibrestream and the Goodwin Development Trust then up to 400 flats on the estate will benefit from the new internet speeds provided by modern fibre-optic cable with linked telephone and High Definition TV services.

Hull City Council appears to have supported the project and has made a commitment to seek common ground with the East Riding Council on connectivity issues.

Fibrestream is not just leading on the technical aspects, but is also actively exploring new ways in which communities can have a real stake in the new technology through developing new mutual ownership models.

We wait to see the full details of the project to emerge but this is a truly exciting development in the city with ramifications across the East Riding.

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