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Rick Wright runs the Holderness Hi-siders MCC based at the Haven Arms Hedon. The Group meets every Tuesday at 8pm and is open to all types of bikers who want to meet others and have fun through biking.

Rick says “We have a mixed group of members ranging from sports, custom and classic bike riders. Everyone is welcome and during the summer, many non-members attend to have a chat and see whats going on in the Club. We organise the Santa Run to the Hull Royal Infirmary every December and the Withernsea Bikefest on 30th August this year.”

“We have about 60 members who amongst other things attend rallies, run-outs, social, touring and camping events. We have a Rock night on 22nd May 2009 featuring Teutonic Fist, a Rock/Metal covers band. Free admission and everyone is welcome.”

Go to the Hi-siders website highlighted above for more information and some cracking photos of club activities.

Thanks for getting in touch Rick.

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5 thoughts on “Holderness Hi-siders Motor Cycle Club

  1. Having recently been asked to clear the estate, of a friends deceased relative, I am in a position to offer for sale a 1964 (D.reg) N.S.U.Quickly moped, in surprisingly good condition for an offer of around £250. If any of your club members are interested please get in touch. Tel.01482 328773

  2. We are into June now Eddy and I see no one seems to want to commit to answering the query of whether or not Withernsea is holding a Bike Fest this year. I can’t find any information or dates for this anywhere 🙁

  3. Could you please advise if you are holding a rally weekend in Withernsea on August Bank holiday in August this year (2011)

  4. Now then all , just to let you all know we will be holding our 3rd hull college bike night at cannon street , and it would be good for us if your club would be there . We will put you on the college handout with the other clubs who will be on site on the night if this is possible and o.k with you .
    Thanks for your time Keith hc -uk ….

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