This blog post is an unashamed ‘plug’ for the weekly Holderness Gazette which has been publishing local news since 1910.

Whilst there are free alternatives, the Gazette is unique in its total concentration on LOCAL news and sport. Towns and villages are much more connected to their own and each other’s communities because of this publication.

Local sports teams in particular benefit from Gazette coverage of local leagues, matches and commentaries. Many teams would sail ‘under the radar’ and exist in anonymity were it not for this local reportage.

This blogger is a proponant of developing the online presence of local media outlets and indeed the Gazette’s website could benefit from a 21st century overhaul, but there is something refreshing about picking up the Gazette each Thursday and searching for local Hedon news.

The Gazette is available from most local newsagents priced 0.38 pence – support your local newspaper because we would miss it if it was not there!

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