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Hedon: Medieval Port “Rotten Borough” – a guided walk

The Black Death
The Black Death

Local historian and publisher Dr John Markham will lead a guided tour of Hedon on Tuesday May 5th 2009. The event starts at 7:15pm and walkers should meet at Market Hill by St. Augustine’s Church. Booking is essential at the East Riding Council’s Archives and Local Studies Service on telephone (01482) 392790.

The two issues mentioned in the title of the work are touched upon briefly below:

Medieval Port: Hedon was noted in the 12th and early 13th centuries for its prosperous port which was listed as the 11th largest in England at the time. The ‘Black Death’ is thought by some historians to have decimated Hedon’s population and its ability to sustain the port.

Rotten Borough: Hedon was called a “rotten borough” due to the unsavoury practice of the town’s early MPs (Members of Parliament) bribing people to vote for them. When the existing parliamentary system was reformed in 1832 the practice was stamped out – and in the process the town lost both of its MPs.

Source: Holderness Gazette.

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Image: How Stuff Works “The Black Death”.

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