New youth club venue?
New youth club venue?

A partnership of local services and residents is likely to result in Hedon getting its first youth club open in the very near future.

It is hoped that the new youth resource, possibly located centrally in Alexandra Hall, will provide a much needed facility for young people in the town. The venture will be supported through the employment of youth workers employed by the the East Riding Council’s detached youth team.

The youth centre will be the culmination of a 4 year campaign by a group of Hedon and Paull residents who collected more than 1,500 signatures on a local petition and ensured that consultation took place with local young people. These local residents have expressed a willingness to work as volunteers to ensure the success of the project.

The facility will be funded in the short term through donations from the Hedon Town Council, the Holderness Lions and funding from the East Riding. Further funding will be sought from a range of external funders.

It is hoped that this project becomes very successful and that the town’s younger generation are fully involved in the planning, design and management of the new resources.

The East Riding Council website contains information and frequently asked questions on establishing such projects and support available for voluntary organisations (click the link in this sentence).

Sources: Hedon Newsletter, Holderness Gazette and ERYC.

One thought on “A youth club for Hedon

  1. as a youth i remember doing all sorts of events to raise money for the building of alexander hall…then thought of as the community center…however i once asked one of the trustees about a youth club a few years back and was told ….in her words …we dont have youths…its time these people were told the community center belongs to the people , and without youths it would never have been built…seems to me this has been a long time coming …and i wouldnt bank on it happening until they get the keys …i shall watch with interest to see what happens

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