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Barack Obama Hedon Blog JigZone Tribute

This is not so much a tribute to US President Obama, rather it is dedicated to his social media presence which helped secure his victory to the White House in November 2008.

I recently followed Barack Obama on Twitter and jested “I wonder if he’ll follow me!?” but – absolutely amazingly later – I received an e-mail telling me @BarackObama was following me! WOW !!

Alright I know it’s not him personally; and I know his Twitter site is following 530,000 others – but hey come on! It must surely rate 11 on a scale of 1-10 for Twitter followers!?

You never know – somewhere in the cooridors of world power – someone in the US administration is reading one of the Hedon Blog posts (which are sent automatically to Twitter). There’s a thought!

President Obama in The Whitehouse – Click to play:
Click to Mix and Solve

Image:  Whitehouse.gov / CC BY 3.0 taken by Pete Souza on 20th March 2009

Note: You need Java enabled on your browser for JigZone to work.

1 thought on “Barack Obama Hedon Blog JigZone Tribute

  1. Twitter’s is 5 years old today! Probably one of the most well-know followers of the Hedon Blogger is Barack Obama! I kid you not! See article above.

    The President of the United States is currently followed by 7,080,897 people. In return he follows 701,151 including the @HedonBlog!

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