The Hedon Blog is an example of new digital ‘citizen’ media which enables the ordinary Joes and Josephines of the world to publish to the web without having to recruit a skilled – often expensive – ‘geek’ to do the job for us. But this is just one aspect of the 21st century digital age we have entered into.

The following excellent presentation from the Digital Inclusion Team reveals a little about this new world, but also reminds us that a significant minority are not yet included and getting the benefits of new digital technology. The facts and figures will be useful to all those promoting digital inclusion.

This is the YouTube version. The Hedon Blog did get the relevant programming code from the Digital Inclusion Team and is extremely grateful for their support, but unfortunately only allows videos from certain sources to be included on its sites. If you prefer the original can be viewed via the link Think About it….:

“This video ‘Think about it’ has been created by the Digital Inclusion Team. It sets out how we can take the opportunity to use technology as a tool for improving lives and life chances or face the risk of increasing economic and social costs.

This presentation is available for anyone to place on their website or use when needing to explain the benefits of ICT in tackling social exclusion.

Please email”

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