Patties – A real Hull dish!

pattiesEver asked for Pattie and Chips in a southern chippie and got stared at by a puzzled face? If you have, just be proud, because the humble pattie is OURS; a real Hull dish. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patties

And did you know that Bob Carver’s sells them in breadcrumbs now!? Amazing!

Source: Follow the Great Pattie debate at Your Mail, Your Say

5 thoughts on “Patties – A real Hull dish!

  1. Bob Carver's PattieWell – I finally got around to it! In the interests of historical research into our local heritage – I got a Bob Carver’s Pattie!

    I photographed it before eating the artefact. History in the making! 😀

  2. HAHA i remember scallops, seems there are many definitions of the humble scallop , fried potato shallow fried and thinly sliced, dipped in batter and deep fried, also i remember getting one which was fish bits between two slices of potato , they were lovely. Patties is definetly a Hull thing ive never seen them anywhere else, even in Bridlington they look at you like your insane if you aske for pattie and chips.

  3. So, after checking the wikipedia definition above, we go into the chipshop and ask for pattie and chips -a.k.a. Fried Potato and fried potato? Wierd or what?
    But does anyone recall the chipshop selling ‘scallops’? I don’t mean the fancy shellfish you get in restaurants nowadays, I remember scallops in the Londesborough Street chippie being sliced spuds dipped in batter and fried, and some people used to ask for them with chips too! Sheer class!
    Deep fried Mars Bar anyone?

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