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Fix My Street: Reporting your neighbourhood problems online.

FixMyStreet Website
FixMyStreet Website

Finding it difficult to report a problem to the Council? Then ask www.fixmystreet.com to do it for you!

This website lets your local council know about problems and ensures that the problems are reported to the correct department and the right people. You can even check back to see what progress has been made (click here). The service is easy – and fun – to use.

You are asked to type in the postcode, street name or area and then click on the location map to show where the problem is. You are then asked to describe the problem in some detail. Once you have registered your problem the website will contact your local Council within minutes.

Of course you could always contact the East Riding Council Council direct on Report It or Hull City Council’s Report Online service.

3 thoughts on “Fix My Street: Reporting your neighbourhood problems online.

  1. There is now a Free iPhone app which simplifies submitting reports to FixMyStreet whilst out and about. Simply whip out your phone, take a photo of the problem (optional), get the location (by several intuitive methods) and either submit it right away or save it for later and edit it when you have more time.

    This app can be found at http://www.streetreport.co.uk

    Download the app and get reporting

    Author of StreetReport

    1. Thanks Martin. This looks very useful for iPhone users. I notice you get a mention on the FixMyStreet website:

      There are two iPhone apps for FixMyStreet, one written by us in 2008 and another much more recently by a volunteer, Martin Stephenson. Both are available for download on the App Store: FixMyStreet, StreetReport. There is an Android app written by a volunteer, Anna Powell-Smith, available from the Android Market.

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