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Power Cuts information and reporting

REPORT A POWER CUT? Need information on restoration of power supplies? Information from Northern Powergrid here:

IF IMPACTED BY A POWER CUT, you can report it and find out all of the latest information by visiting www.northernpowergrid.com/power-cuts, and via social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter (@NorthPowergrid) and direct messaging. 

105 is the three-digit EMERGENCY number to call if you have a power cut or need to report an electricity network safety issue. You can call 105 no matter who you choose to buy your electricity from.

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2 thoughts on “Power Cuts information and reporting

  1. During the last power cuts I was unable to contact anyone as both my landline , and mobile needed power to use , how can we contact in this case ?

    1. I think with notice of bad weather, Jean, try and keep your mobile charged for use when the power is out. It’s a good question though, because most of our modern-day communications are reliant on electricity!

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