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No increase in Hedon precept for 2022 – 2023.

0% increase in Hedon Town Council precept…

THE PRECEPT which pays for the Hedon component of council tax bills will remain the same as last year, so no increase for April 2022 – March 2023. The council agreed to a zero increase last year too, so this is the second year in a row that there has been no increase in the Hedon precept.

Hedon Town Councillors agreed that they were mindful of the difficulties currently being faced by residents and that a zero increase was appropriate.

At the beginning of the meeting, the chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee Councillor Steve Gallant warned that on paper this year’s predicted income was £8,000 less than expenditure, so careful budgeting was needed. During the course of the meeting, this shortfall was reduced by £7,500 with £500 being considered an amount that could be absorbed into the budget.

A precept of £215,730 was approved.

The headline budget headings arising from last night’s budget meeting held by Hedon Town Council included (based upon observation of the discussion at the meeting):

Hedon precept - Budget looking after residents' pounds!
  • Hedon Shuttle Bus. The No. 84 bus that runs on a Wednesday would continue to be funded with a £1,500 town council contribution for the year in a co-funding arrangement with East Riding of Yorkshire Council.
  • A new Small Grants scheme would be established with a £5,000 budget.
  • A budget of £5,000 to tackle dark places (snickets, cut throughs, etc) by installing solar lights would be established. This would be a rolling programme over future years to tackle and illuminate identified sites.
  • Hedon Festival. An expected £2,000 addition to the Hedfest budget would not be allocated by the council this year. However, an accrued amount had been saved through previous years’ cancelled events to stage Hedfest 2022. Budget £14,700.
  • A working figure of £5,000 towards the town’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations (Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June).

Other budget items that would feature in the budget:

  • Costs related to the maintenance of the Town Hall. Necessary repairs to the building could likely lead to an overspend on the £10,000 working figure allocated.
  • In line with national circumstances, then rising energy costs were likely to adversely impact on the council and an overspend was possible.
  • As custodians of the Town’s heritage then the council has to budget for the upkeep of historic and valuable paintings in the Town Hall. However, it was decided not to add to the restoration budget this year.
  • New budget lines on Town Promotion and Disabled Access would be added during the year.
  • Council reserves, which have been built up by the council over the last 5 years, would be used as necessary to meet any shortfall in funds towards the agreed budget.

Councillor Brenda Goldspink at the beginning of the meeting raised concerns that, unlike previous years, a prepared budget had been presented, and she believed that councillors were being asked to “rubber stamp” decisions. She preferred the situation where councillors would go through the budget “line by line” which offered the opportunity for greater input by councillors. Whilst Councillor Goldspink raised genuine concerns, it was certainly the case that this year’s budget was agreed upon by all councillors within 50 minutes.

The council has published the budget at: http://www.hedon.gov.uk/_UserFiles/Files/_Minutes/138641-Town_Council_mins_20.1.22.pdf

(Ongoing – will bring you more budget details as it is published by the Town Council).

Prior to the start of the meeting, councillors held a minutes silence in tribute to Mrs Sandy Dale the council’s secretary who sadly passed away in December.


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