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The by-election. Ask the candidates a question

Whilst your experience of voting this year will be very different, another negative impact of the pandemic is the lack of any hustings. We invite you to quiz the candidates.

THE BY-ELECTION for the next councillor to represent South West Holderness on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council takes place on Thursday 6 May. And whilst your experience of actually voting this year may be very different, another negative impact of the pandemic is the lack of any traditional hustings.


Hustings traditionally would be meetings at which candidates in an election can address potential voters. A hustings event involving all the candidates – a Question Time style event – would allow for a level of debate and exchange of views not possible with just an individual candidate speaking. The COVID-19 pandemic prevents such a physical, real-life event from taking place. However, with modern video conferencing technology like Zoom it should be possible to gather the candidates together online in their own homes/offices, etc, in a Question and Answer event to be viewed online, with the opportunity for members of the public to pose questions to them.

For such an event to take place successfully, we would need the consent of the candidates to take part and pick a suitable time/date. We also need a volume of questions in advance from local voters. This would indicate that lots of voters would be willing to take part as viewers and some to ask questions.

Below, we present our online form to gather questions. We invite local South West Holderness voters to submit their questions to the candidates. We will attempt to seek answers to these whether a hustings event takes place or not.

By asking your question via HU12 Online it’s possible to do some basic checks on the eligibility of the questioner. We ask for a full name and email address. The system also checks the IP Address of the questioner i.e. the unique characters that identify the sender’s computer network. The WordPress comments system uses this method to identify spam and malicious material. It allows genuine comments. It vets that the comment is most likely real and not fake. Data from site visitors is stored for 90 days unless there is malicious activity associated with that data.

At the present, we have collected only two questions for candidates via the online form – but we would need many more to justify a hustings event.

As a conservative voter, I would like to seek advice regarding the volume of traffic on Middle Lane, Preston. This lane is access only however, this doesn’t deter traffic cutting through to miss the lights. I’ve been in contact with Preston traffic watch but, they are only interested in traffic going through the village. I live on Middle Lane, and the volume of traffic has escalated since I moved here. I have been in contact with the East Riding council who have informed me they’re unable to assist. Police have also monitored the lane. My concern is that with the crematorium build, this is going to heighten this situation further.

Is it important for a candidate to live in the ward they want to represent?

Do you have a question you would like to ask the candidates for the South West Holderness ward? We will attempt to seek answers from each.

Find out more about the candidates via our special election page.

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