Lib Dems Launch Police and Crime Commissioner Campaign

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are putting forward their Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Bob Morgan to stand in May’s election for the Humberside police top job. 

On Thursday 6 May 2021 residents in the local area will go to the polls to have their say on who represents them as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside (PCC). 

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS are putting forward their Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Bob Morgan to stand in May’s election for the Humberside police top job. 

Bob Morgan Lib Dem PCC candidate
Bob Morgan Lib Dem PCC candidate.

Liberal Democrats are a strong, competent force across the region and Bob Morgan has real experience in local government and in local policing. Bob Morgan and the Liberal Democrats want the police to be visible on our streets and in our communities with a five-point plan. 

Our five-point plan:

  1. Bob and the Liberal Democrats will put police on the streets in your community.
  2. Bob and the Liberal Democrats listen to local residents – so we understand community policing is the number one priority for so many residents. That’s why we will make supporting local communities the centre of everything we do. 
  3. Bob and the Liberal Democrats will support victims in our area, whether it is those who have suffered from domestic abuse in lockdown or victims who are seeking support from ASB, support will be put in place. 
  4. Bob and the Liberal Democrats will devolve police to the heart of their region by creating localised policing regions from the South Bank to the North Bank, with cooperation.
  5. Bob and the Liberal Democrats will act on violent crime in our area, working on early intervention and tackling drug-related and violent crime on our streets making them safer. 

Bob is a former police inspector who was born in Beverley. He has hands-on experience of helping those living in stress with his volunteer work in the vulnerable charity sector as well as engaging with local councillors and the NHS on wider suicide prevention work around Humberside. 

He has also seen the effects of austerity on families in need in his previous role as a community engagement officer in deprived areas. 

In his time with the police, Bob worked through the ranks of the Metropolitan Police to become an inspector in one of London’s hotspots around Paddington Green. He handled emergency calls and then went on to manage community officers and those working with schools.

After over 20 years in the police, he took on a role supporting people in finding jobs and ways to better health. Along the way he also obtained a BSc in Psychology from the Open University – Bob has the experience, knowledge and skills to tackle issues of crime all across the region.

Commenting on his campaign launch Bob said: “I am the candidate of community policing. I would invest in front-line policing to make sure our community has more named officers dedicated specifically to cover our area.

“I would make sure we have extra support for victims who’ve suffered in lockdown and would Work with public services and the voluntary sector to prevent crime and reduce reoffending – particularly amongst younger people, to give them a better start in life.

“The Labour boss isn’t visible in our communities across the North Bank in Hull and the East Riding area and the Conservatives have ravaged our policing services. Neither of them offers the strong, competent change we need in our region this May.”

Three candidates have declared an intention to stand in the Humberside police force area (via WhoCanIVoteFor):

  • Keith Hunter is the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate.
  • Bob Morgan is the Liberal Democrats candidate.

Other candidates may still put their names forward. Information is available from the Electoral Commission on standing as a candidate. The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners also has very useful information: Role of the PCC – Elections.

Candidates: HU12 Online invites you to submit an introductory statement and profile photograph to hu12@gmx.com. This is for our Election 2021 coverage.

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