Captain Tom tribute on the King’s Head

A really striking tribute to Captain Tom on the side of the King’s Head in Hedon!

TRIBUTE to Captain Tom on the King’s Head pub, Souttergate, Hedon.

Captain Sir Thomas Moore – Captain Tom – captured the heart of the nation through his sponsored walk around his garden which eventually raised £33m for NHS charities. Captain Tom sadly died on 2 February this year. But his image and legacy live on and is now emblazoned on the side of the King’s Head much to the admiration of residents across the town and from the wider area.

Created by another Tom – Tom Croft from the pub – the stencil shows Captain Tom in his walking frame giving a cheery thumbs-up to supporters. It makes for a striking image on the side of the King’s Head. The pub already bears an image of a soldier in silhouette and a cross as a Remembrance tribute.

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