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Blogging – Your New Year resolution!

Make becoming a Hedon Blogger your New Year resolution! The best way to make sure that Hedon Blog covers the things that interest you is to write about them yourself – become one of our Blog authors…

DO YOU want to have a go at Blogging about things to do with Hedon?

Blog capturePerhaps you run a sports team and would like to see lots more about your particular sport or team on the Blog (and in the wider media generally)? Maybe ‘parking’ issues in town gets your goat and you want to write news about that issue once a week or once a month. You could have an interest in being our health correspondent and keeping Hedon folk informed about what’s going on with the NHS, the local surgeries, the Clinical Commissioning Group, Healthwatch and the many support groups that have been established to help people with particular medical conditions, etc.

The Blog could benefit from having a writer/photographer about wildlife – we have a rich variety of wildlife in Hedon and District which is one of the delights of living in the area. But not everyone has the privilege of being able to get out and about and see/experience it. Particularly through photo and video we should be able to bring local nature to everyone’s computer screen. We need someone who is keen on alerting local people to the threats to our natural environment too.

Hedon Blog was pioneering a new approach to local news when we set up in 2009, but now most people get their local news through a mobile phone or ‘smart’ device. We aim still to be in the forefront of bringing the benefits of new technology to local people so they can find out more about their local area. Therefore, if ‘tech’ is your thing, if knowing about the latest Apps, gadgets or the newest internet services excites you, then share your passion with other local people by becoming a Hedon Blog author on the subject.

We want to cover more local events, conduct more interviews (using sound recordings and video as well as the written word), take more photographs, publish more positive news about our lovely town – but need more Blog correspondents to be able to do this. Perhaps you could be one of our new Bloggers?

The best way to make sure that Hedon Blog covers the things that interest you is to write about them yourself.

Hedon Blog seeks new volunteers to help it cover a wider spread of community activities, events and news in the town. If you have the passion to help us reflect what is going on in Hedon – then consider becoming one of our Blog authors.

You bring your passion – we can provide the training in how to publish your stuff on the Hedon Blog. And remember, our stories are constantly being picked up by other local, regional and national media organisations too!

Make becoming a Hedon Blogger your New Year resolution!

Live outside Hedon? Then HU12 Online could be your publishing platform.

Interested? Leave a comment or email us on hu12@gmx.com stating what you’d like to Blog about.

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