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St. Augustine’s Gate, Hedon – over 100 years ago

An old photo of Saint Augustine’s Gate in Hedon – possibly taken over 100 years ago…? Note: Car free – but different problems presented themselves in those days – horse muck in the streets!

WITH sales of the Hedon Town Calendar taking off with its theme of old photographs of the place, and the enduring popularity of all things historical on the Hedon Blog, then we bring you another picture of old Hedon sent in by Malc Ripley from his collection. And this really does look old!
St Augustine's Gate - Malc Ripley
Malc says:

“An old photo of Saint Augustine’s Gate in Hedon, or as we called it when we were kids – Main Street!

“See the old Gas light outside the Henry Guy’s Town Hall, the varied buildings/ shop fronts that have not changed all that much today – plus the heap of ‘hoss muck’ on the street; and not a single car or even a bike!

“Date – possibly 100 years ago…ish!”

Just some interesting facts to ponder from our car-free world of over 100 years ago. In order for particularly large places to function, they were dependent on thousands of horses for the transport of both people and goods. So note this:

  • On average a horse will produce between 15 and 35 pounds of manure per day.
  • That manure attracted huge numbers of flies which then spread diseases.
  • Each horse also produced around 2 pints of urine per day.

By the late 1800s, places were drowning in horse mess! This problem came to a head when in 1894, in what was called ‘The Great Horse Manure Crisis’, The Times newspaper predicted “In 50 years, every street in London will be buried under nine feet of manure.”

So what was it that saved civilisation from this smelly doom? The Horseless Carriage of course! The invention of the motor car.

Hmm. Looking at our crisis situation with the excess of motor cars today, then perhaps history is simply repeating itself but on a higher technological level!? – Editor

With many thanks to Malc Ripley whose ancient photos bring us so much fascination!

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