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Hedon Station – but when?

Can anybody offer more insights into the photograph? Perhaps you also have a copy or know some of the characters depicted? We’d love to be able to respond positively to Malc’s Challenge!

Hedon Station but whenA challenge from Malc Ripley – can readers make a good effort in identifying the year this photograph was taken? It shows a busy scene at Hedon Station.

Everybody seems well-dressed, and is that picnic baskets the ladies are carrying; or just the fashionable bags of the day? The gentlemen in the centre is wearing a boater hat, so when were they fashionable?

The number on the steam engine reads (I think) NR 150. And what is being advertised on the hoardings? We can make out “Pianos” on one quite clearly – but what do the others say?

Can anybody offer more insights into the photograph? Perhaps you also have a copy or know some of the characters depicted? We’d love to be able to respond positively to Malc’s Challenge!

Malc scan snippedWhat we do when we receive an old photograph (in this case a scan from Malc), we try to add a bit of contrast to the photo to bring out its features and to aid recognition.

We crop the picture and as much as we can before it loses resolution and then publish for use on the web. This image depicts the original scan from Malc.

7 thoughts on “Hedon Station – but when?

    1. Jim,
      Cheers for this interesting item, I had actually seen it before, but well worth a viewing………….
      A question thus arises, the answer simple really – why on both of the former lines , i.e. Hornsea & Withernsea ?, do a number of apple & pear trees still bear fruit along the routes…………
      Plus, who remembers some of the the ‘antics’ of some of the young dancers/revellers that travelled
      regularly to the Grand Pavilion dances at “With” on the old steam trains………?? Good Days.

      A challenge here certainly – go on mention them…………..!! in these columns…………Malc.

  1. When Jacquie and Carl took over the Station pub they asked me to do a painting for the bar based on their print of this picture. I painted this in pastel and it hung in the bar for three years. I did some research on line to add detail to the painting and I believe that this was taken in 1910. My version of this can be seen at https://www.facebook.com/stanpougherart/photos/pb.346904375446149.-2207520000.1445262308./664513667018550/?type=3&theater

  2. Not much use to you in this one Malc, but maybe the following will be of interest to some of the other old bloggers, and I suppose it is tenuously linked to the above photo –

    Back in the 1970’s when I was involved in property and machinery auctioneering, I did a lot of work for Mr Laurie Brooksbank, who lived at St. Anthonys in Baxtergate, and had lots of land and property attached, including several properties fronting Fletchergate. His land came up for development and John Towle built St. Anthony’s Drive in the grounds at the back of the house.

    Laurie was wanting to retire from his Hedon based heavy transport business and I was involved in selling his house and business, and very interestingly, two Dutch steam organs and a wonderful old Foden steam lorry which he had converted into a sort of traction engine. It was called Angelina I think. He used to bring them out at Christmas and other events and he would play steam organ music in the Market Place. However he was getting on and the heavy work required to maintain them all was getting to much for him so they had to go.

    Well, . I recall him telling me his father came across to Hedon from Sessay on the main London to Edinburgh line near York to become the station master in Hedon in the First World War. Laurie was just a boy, but he remembered the station in it’s heyday.

    I suppose Mr Brooksbank (sen’r.) could well have still been Station Master in Hedon when this picture was taken.

    Laurie went back to his roots after he retired, building himself a lovely bungalow at Stillington where he lived until he passed away in the early ’80’s. I recall him being a real grumpy old curmudgeon, but once you earned his respect he was OK to deal with.

    The company – Brooksbanks Heavy Haulage is still in existence at Tower House Lane at Saltend

  3. Ray,
    Looking carefully now at this photo, I think the Loco number is 156 ? and not 150 (possibly?),
    if so, it could be a NE, 0-6-2T (Tank ) Engine produced around 1932 ish……………
    but don’t hold your breath…. Cheers, Malc.

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