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Local history knowledge queries – can you help?

CAN anyone help with these questions about Locarno Pond, Hedon and secondly, about Glencoe Villas, Hedon Road?

CAN anyone help with these questions?

1. A friend used to fish on the old Pond, on the land called ‘Locarno’ on Thorn road, Hedon. The pond has a name apparently, but does any reader know it’s name please? – Malc Ripley. (Note: The East Riding Council in its documents on infrastructure to identify, survey and designate local wildlife sites and on flood risk refer to it as ‘Locarno Pond, Hedon’ at National Grid reference TA191280 – Editor)

2. Glencoe VillasI was asked by a Hedon lady, why are the properties “Glencoe Villas” so called? And were they built for the Racecourse development or the Hedon Airport business? I could not even begin to guess the reasons, but thought maybe someone reading The Blog could give the answer? – Jim Uney.

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  1. It’s probably named Locarno pond because there used to be a detached light colour washed house to the east of the pond, which was called “Locarno”. I don’t know for certain, but the pond may have been dug for clay for brick making.

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