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Hedon Information via the Hedon Blog

We hope to include ‘everything about Hedon’ via this website. We will soon be adding is a ‘Highlights of Hedon History’ guide, a new Weird in Hedon hyperlink – have a look!

Hedon Town Council Noticeboard car parkTHE TOWN council provides some very useful information on its noticeboards to help both visitors and residents in the town to find their way around. In the same way, the Hedon Blog has always strived to provide useful information about the place in its Information section (currently found in the 3rd column at the bottom of the website).

Some of these hyperlinks (clickable internet links) are regularly used by people as short-cuts to information (EYMS bus services from Hedon and the Bus FREE to ASDA for example) because it’s easier than navigating your way around the internet.

Some of these have been there a long time (the ASDA bus link, for example, has been there since March 2009 and is still regularly clicked) but we’re not sure if people still find them useful?

We are asking readers to have a look at the current links – tell us if they need refreshing, and let us know if there is any other useful information that we should be providing also. If you’ve searched on the Hedon Blog for something and not found it – let us know!

We hope to include ‘everything about Hedon’ via this website – so do please do let us know if there are things about the town that you would like us to add. One such link we will soon be adding is a ‘Highlights of Hedon History’ guide kindly compiled by Dr Martin Craven. We are sure that is going to be a very popular link! We’ve also added a new Weird in Hedon hyperlink – have a look!

Bottom blog snip
Look at the bottom of Hedon Blog website – 3rd column

2 thoughts on “Hedon Information via the Hedon Blog

  1. Further to the Blog of 27 May, national media is beginning to profile the displaying of the Crystal Sceptre – together with the Borough’s historic mace – at London’s Guildhall Art Gallery for 6 weeks between 24 October – 3 December.

    Details for those considering a visit are at:


    Whenever asked which is the older, this will always be a moot point, but if Henry V commissioned the Crystal Sceptre as a gift of gratitude to the City of London for funding his campaigns of 1415 and 1417-19 ….. and Hedon’s mace was actually carried on the field of Agincourt – as reputed …… at least one of them should be over 600 years old come St Crispin’s Day next.

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