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Local Hedon firm – Helping local authorities understand Memorial Responsibilities

IT’S good to know that Hedon has the skills and experience to teach the rest of the district their duties of care…

Memorial Assembly demonstration
HEDON based memorial masons, W.P Everingham & Sons Ltd hosted a special meeting in the Council Chamber at Hedon Town Hall in August to help local burial authorities to understand their responsibilities within their burial grounds with regards to memorials. The meeting was well attended by representatives of Hull City Council, local town and parish councils and Churches.

Neal Everingham and Geoff MillingtonMembers of the technical team from the National Association of Memorial Masons (NAMM) were also on hand to explain the Duty of Care Burial Authorities have to members of the public (British Standard 8415 covering construction of Memorials, training on Compliance Testing and the Register of Qualified Memorial Fixers).

After a hearty buffet lunch, the visitors were taken to Hedon Cemetery and to see an actual demonstration of memorial assembly and installation for both Lawn Memorials and Monolith Memorials to highlight the standards required.

The event was extremely successful with all those attending gaining a valuable insight into the industry and creating a forum for information exchange which will undoubtedly help local masons.

Photo: Demonstration of memorial assembly in Hedon Cemetery given by Neal Everingham and Geoff Millington.

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  1. My hobby is researching our family history and I was pleasantly surprised to see this article. After years of using weed killer and killing off grass around the base of headstones in cemeteries the soil eventually erodes away, thus the memorials to loved ones are deemed dangerous. Authorities have been arranging for upright stones to be given the “push” test, if one is lucky they will lay flat (and maybe broken) on the ground with names exposed but usually the engravings are hidden underneath. . Thus it’s extremely pleasing to see the phrase “duty of care”.

    Rena McCarthy

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