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From the Garden Shed… to Hedon Museum

JOIN US, says Hedon Museum’s Katy Miller, to experience the talents of Alison and Tony Grant, the craft couple behind the interesting name, ‘From the Garden Shed’. Both have their own unique skills, requiring their own work spaces.

4. From the Garden Shed (1)While Tony had always worked in his shed, Alison had kept her equipment in the house. Whenever she turned her attention to silk painting she’d have to shut down the kitchen, and it wasn’t long before she’d accumulated more fabrics, beads and equipment than she had room to keep. This was when Alison decided she’d have her own heated, organised and cosy shed.

Alison had always enjoyed sewing, ever since learning to make table mats in junior school. It wasn’t long before she was making her own clothes, once even taking on the task of transforming a wedding dress into a christening dress. Today Alison makes beautiful and exquisitely soft scarves from pressed wool and hand painted silk, as well as pressed felt bowls and other curiosities.

Tony also learned his craft at school, in woodwork class, and never let it go to waste, continuing to make cupboards and cabinets. These days however his focus is upon making unique walking sticks from wood, antlers and all sorts of interesting materials, and stunning Celtic love spoons.

Tony and Alison share an interest in the ancient Welsh tradition of the ‘love spoons’. One Valentine’s Day, they decided the celebration had become too commercialised, and thought it would be more romantic to try to make personalised gifts, which must cost absolutely nothing. Tony’s answer to this was his very first love spoon, beautiful and with an elegant Celtic design. Every year since has seen another created in honour of Valentine’s Day, but these particular ones are not for sale.

Come and see their work for yourself at Hedon Museum! There will be finished examples of their creations on display and, in addition, every week Tony and Alison will be demonstrating their skills to visitors.

Alison and Tony GrantTo see more about their work visit: www.fromthegardenshed.com

Exhibition runs from Saturday 16th May to Saturday 20th June.

Hedon Museum is open every Wednesday and Saturday from 10am to 4pm. Find the Museum by following the signs in Hedon town centre on any open day.

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