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Hedon Town Council – Election Results 2015

RESULTS from Hedon Town Council elections 2015… sadly one of the 13 candidates was always due to lose… Labour has gained a foothold on the council for the first time (as party candidates) with three members.

THE Hedon Town Council election (Thursday 7th May 2015) always had to have one casualty (12 seats and 13 candidates) and sadly in a repeat of what happened in 2011, David Thompson the next in line to be Hedon Mayor is that casualty.

The Labour Party has gained a foothold on the council for the first time (as named party candidates) with three members being elected. UKIP’s Terry West retains his seat securing the third highest vote.

Candidates Party Votes
John Dennis 1,422
Neil Black Labour Party 1,235
Terry West UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,209
Mike Bryan   1,097
Steve Gallant
Labour Party 1,080
Brian Stockdale Labour Party 1,011
Diane Storr
Sarah Rommell Independent 764
Colin Billany Independent 719
Brenda Goldspink 701
Gordon Thurston     698
Allen Marshall
Not elected
David Thompson   594
Turnout 58.6%

21 thoughts on “Hedon Town Council – Election Results 2015

  1. I never said that Jim!.Very few people are aware of all of the good things David has been involved in.

  2. So we the electorate got it wrong, according to Cllr Rommel, I totally agree with Kath I will vote for a person who holds my respect, my voting form didn’t take long to complete.

  3. I feel that we are in danger of over analysis here. People vote for all sorts of reasons, not just political…but that said and out of interest, if Hedon Town Council is as non-political as it always ever was, then why do candidates declare themselves as Ind, UKIP, Labour, etc.? Back to what I wanted to say though…there were 13 names on the ballot paper and 12 votes available, i.e. the person with the least number of votes had to be dropped from the race. Of those 13 names, I chose to put my cross alongside only 4 simply because they were the only 4 candidates for whom I hold any respect and I felt deserved and had earned my vote. As for the deposed councillor, my choice not to vote for him could not have been less political had I tried but purely and totally for personal reasons. (Commentator explains personal reasons – Editor) My choice to vote for whoever I want and for whatever reason is mine and I, like everyone else in the electorate will continue to do so as is my entitlement.

  4. Very disappointed to see that David wasn’t elected – not a man to blow his own trumpet, but a great supporter of the town and its people. Party politics has no place in Hedon’s council; I hope this result isn’t the outcome of national ideologies seeping in to local elections.

  5. thank you all for your kind words – but it all reads like my obituary, the only words missing are Rest In Peace. sorry you’ve got a headless hedfest by the way. might not have been able to hang on to my seat but I like to think I’ve kept my sense of humour.

      1. Too true, this is my “Michael Portillo moment!” I shall ride up and down the country in my coloured jacket, on my rail pass.

  6. labour and ukip were bound to do well , as their emblems/badges were alongside their names,
    on the ballot paper, which was unfair, to the other candidates,
    on a faded a4 sheet of paper.

  7. I’m devastated that David didn’t get on.He put immense amounts of work in,more than people know.He was looking forward to giving Hedon a wonderful festival and it meant the world to him. He was next in line to be Mayor.Its a massive loss to Hedon.I don’t think many people know what a wonderful councillor we have lost.

  8. I know how much David will be missed, I hope as a councillor I can co-oped him onto the Hedfest committee to continue his good Work In organising this important event in the towns history.

  9. I’m really disappointed for David.

    Having got to know him and seen him at work for the town including initiating HedonFest I was keen to see him re-elected to continue the job. And I don’t mind saying publicly I voted for him myself.

    It has nothing to do with party politics as such , and much more to do with campaign exposure – all the East Riding candidates standing (from Labour, Conservative and UKIP) took the top 6 slots in the Hedon poll.

  10. I fully agree with Peter and Ray. It’s a great shame, Is this is the first casualty of party politics arriving at Hedon Town Council. The voting figures would appear to suggest so.

    David has worked very hard on the committees and working groups during the time he has spent on the Council, particularly of late his efforts to bring Hedfest to the town are worthy of note.

    Thank You David. Best of Luck.

    John Dennis
    668th Mayor of Hedon

  11. Regarding David Thompson losing his seat: Councillor Terry West has asked for the following comments to be passed on:

    “Absolutely devastated about David. One of the most hard working Councillors and a true gentleman. A great loss to the council.”

  12. What a tragedy that David Thompson has not been elected. His quiet hard work and experience will be sorely missed on the council. David has never been one to blow his own trumpet or make a fuss.

      1. It has been a privileg to work with someone so sincere about what he believes in . A true friend and colleague . I believe the council/Hedon will miss his dedication.

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