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An early Taste of Summer – Vote for Bob!

We indulge in a bit of pleasure photography today to celebrate the sunny weather over the last couple of days (gloomy again now) – and we’re also campaigning for our ginger friend Bob in the General Election…

TWO days of glorious sunshine gave us a pre-taste of summer in Hedon! We’ve shared some of that experience here.

Unashamedly we are asking you to Vote for Bob in the General Election – visit his website and become a supporter!

Firstly we were glad to see the brilliant display of daffodils at Horsewell Pond on Ivy Lane! Congratulations to the children from Hedon Primary School who two years ago helped plant these with the help of school staff and then Mayor and Mayoress, Jim and Sue Lindop.

daffodils at pond apr 15

Daffodil planting at Horsewell Pond Monday 7th Sept 2013
Those who made the daffodil display happen! Planting at Horsewell Pond Monday 7th Sept 2013

Daffodils growing around town!

Moth eaten Peacock
Felt sorry for this moth-eaten Peacock on Westlands drain – there were lots of equally misshapen butterflies, possibly results of failed bird predation. The picture below from the bridleway in 2013 shows how this magnificent creature should look
Hedon Bridleway - Peacock butterfly
Hedon Bridleway – Peacock butterfly

Ducks on the drain… but don’t get too near the water!

Elsie Gate wood, Hedon
Elsie Gate wood, Hedon

4 thoughts on “An early Taste of Summer – Vote for Bob!

  1. Saw a moorhen down there this morning 😀 also a couple of takeaway cartons in the water 😞 there seems to be a huge amount of litter around the town these days. Especially galling when there is a bin right by the pond!

  2. We took pictures of the daffs the other day they look great. We would like to thank Terry West for carrying on our quest to improve Horsewell, what needs to happen in November is to dig out all the reeds and clean the weeds out, well done Terry and thanks Ray for putting the photos on the blog. Hopefully the daffs will spread and comeback every year.

  3. Lovely pictures Ray. Horsewell Pond is hugely improved this year. A safe haven for our resident great cretsed newt and frog populations.
    I “voted for Bob” too. RSPB is great charity protecting environments to protect our bird and other species. Our garden faces onto Ivy Lane and Horsewell Pond and we took the decision when we moved in to keep some formal gardens, but to let 2 acres grow wild to encourage the bugs, butterflies, birds and other creatures. We have everything from moorhens and woodpeckers, to hedgehog families, rabbits, foxes and loads of butterflies,frogs and newts. Providing our own little haven for the local wildlife to flourish.

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