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Petition at small parking notice on Church Lane

Can you see the ‘No Parking’ sign on the wall at Church Lane? Keyboard warrior Diana Freeman has launched a petition to make people aware of the poor signage which she claims is just a ‘money spinner’ for the council…


Church Lane parking sign and faded line
Church Lane parking sign and faded line

A Beverley woman has started an online petition in protest at a minuscule parking notice on Church Lane in Hedon which catches out unaware motorists.

The notice which she says is “the size of a brick” and the faded painted line along the roadside, that looks white rather than yellow, means that people are unaware of the traffic regulation of ‘No Parking between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday’.

No parking brick size noticeDiana Freeman parked down Church Lane having not seen the notice and received a £70 fixed penalty notice. She appealed the notice but it was upheld. Now the aggrieved motorist has taken to the internet and launched an online petition at Change.Org to ensure that people know about the traffic regulation at that location and are not caught out by what she claims is simply a “money spinner” for the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Other ‘No Stopping’ signs further along Church Lane relating to the hours between 8.15am-9.15am and 3pm-4pm are very large and visible, and by comparison the sign on the church wall is indeed very small.

The petition which has already got 60 supporters calls for better signs and road markings at the location.

Visit: Hedon Parking Petition at Change.Org

3 thoughts on “Petition at small parking notice on Church Lane

  1. These are a few who signed the petiton ……….
    i am signing this petition because the lines are not clear enough. I got a ticket at this location when i was very poorly and my mum was dying of cancer……………..
    because i dont agree with the tickets and i got one when i had to rush my son to the gp the sign is not visable at all ……………
    i got a ticket and there was no lines to say I couldn’t and no sign that was obvious. It seems the parking warden loves hanging around there from what I hear……………
    I have lived in Hedon for almost 2 years, and parked in that same place several times. Until reading this I had no idea parking was restricted there. I’m so lucky not to have got a ticket yet. There are laws about making the signs visible. These laws are clearly not being adhered to by the council.

  2. I think the wall is probably quite old and perhaps would be damaged by a larger sign. I do see the lady’s point though and think the line/s on the road should certainly be re-painted to draw more attention to the no parking rule. It is a very tight squeeze for traffic sometimes when there are a lot of vehicles parked especially coming round from Market Hill end.

    1. Olwen Wright……the sign is small, therefor they should have a minimum size to adhere to e.g. “Bigger than a Brick” Also to save damage to the church wall, surely the sign would have been better on a post where it wouldn’t be obscured by vehicles parking alongside it. Back to the beginning…….was it meant to be seen?

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