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Horsewell Pond reclamation project

digger Horsewell 2
Construction work at Horsewell pond

TODAY saw renewed efforts taking place to restore the Horsewell on Ivy Lane into a wildlife pond that retains water.

Cllr Terry West Horsewell Pond
Cllr Terry West at Horsewell Pond this morning

Councillor Terry West from Hedon Town Council has led on the decidedly green project which has seen the use of reclaimed materials to construct a piping and filtration system that will lead to water retention in the pond. The project involves sinking a giant nylon water container and filtration unit into the ground which will fill and ensure a ready supply of clean water to Horsewell.

Storage and filter unit
Nylon water tank

“The system will collect water from the swale dug previously and will be piped into the storage unit and filtered and clean water will fill the pond. But we have also ‘future proofed’ the system” explained Cllr. West “this will enable water supplies from other sources to be piped into the unit, from the nearby playing fields for example, should it be necessary in the future.”

Cllr. West offered his thanks to two local construction companies who have supplied the reclaimed materials. “Sangwin at Kelsey Hill Burstwick and Ryehill Building Supplies (Ralph’s) have supplied the reclaimed materials so many thanks for their support. We’ve also used the filtration materials from the unit that was installed a couple of years ago so the whole project has been one of reclamation, which of course has kept the cost of the project down, otherwise it would have cost thousands of pounds.”

Cllr. West is also a local business owner and has offered help via his West Design & Build company.

Terry West Pond plan

6 thoughts on “Horsewell Pond reclamation project

  1. I don’t know if I have missed something here but how will this additional filtration improve the water retention of the pond ? or is there another stage like lining it with clay ?

    1. Hi Grahame – Checked on this with Councillor West and apparently one of the problems has been getting the water to the pond in the first place (the natural springs that used to supply the pond were apparently cut off when the school was built and other local developments took place).

      The basic idea of the swale guiding water from Market Hill was sound, but the previous attempts at filtering and directing water to the pond itself just didn’t work. When the digger unearthed the previous filter bed it was still full with water but hadn’t filled the pond with it.

      So the new system should (!) ensure that water reaches the pond but doesn’t necessarily mean that during the hot summer season the pond will retain water. However, Cllr. West believes that the new system is a step in the right direction.

      Took this photo today of the water in the swale reaching the new unit…
      Water from swale reaching Horsewell

  2. Misquoted the names of the helpful suppliers in the article; should have been: “Sangwin at Kelsey Hill Burstwick and Ryehill Building Supplies (Ralph’s)…”. Have corrected above – Editor.

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