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“Thank You!” from Brenda the shoebox Lady

BRENDA GOLDSPINK would like to thank all those local people – and Paull Primary School and Burstwick Primary School staff, children and parents – who have kindly donated shoebox gifts and other items to this year’s Operation Christmas Child appeal.

Brenda said: “It’s really good that with all the other demands on people’s time, they can still find some to support our annual children’s shoebox appeal. Thank you so much to each of you who have donated!”

Brenda with some of the 150 donated shoeboxes
Brenda with some of the 150 donated shoeboxes ready to send to the charity

Over 150 shoeboxes have been donated by local people and schools as part of Operation Christmas Child – but have you ever wondered what happens to these gifts of toys, school supplies, soaps, scarves, etc that people give before they arrive at the charity depots to be shipped-off to help needy children around the world?

Well, many of them are normally left at Brenda Goldspink’s own house in Hedon! Brenda has been helping out with Operation Christmas Child for 15 or 16 years she says – and once people leave them at the drop-off points (this year it was via Boots the Chemist, Paull Primary and Burstwick Primary Schools, and at Brenda’s house) then the next stage is to get them all ready for sending to the charity. This means Brenda’s house is literally taken over with boxes and donated items!

Some folk just donate items for the shoeboxes, so arrive unboxed, so Brenda has to ensure that each is packed, shoeboxes are wrapped and correctly labelled for a boy’s or girl’s gift – and then she looks after them until the appeal ends for the year. This mean every spare space in the house becomes home to lots of boxes for several weeks each year!

Brenda will take this year’s prepared boxes to the depot from whence the charity’s UK volunteers help to send the shoebox gifts overseas. They will then be distributed to charity partners in the designated countries (often local churches) who will ensure the shoebox gifts reach the children in need for which they are intended. This year many of the shoeboxes donated locally are likely to end up in Belarus.

This year has been additionally busy for Brenda. In the Hedon and District area, the Shoebox Appeal has been annually organised by Mrs Margaret Ainscough (who has also been a volunteer driver with Operation Christmas Child), but this year due to unfortunate family circumstances Margaret has been unable to conduct the appeal. Margaret asked Brenda to take on the task and Brenda kindly volunteered to do so.


OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD is a children’s Christmas project run by the Christian charity Samaritan’s Purse. The project has been sending gift-filled shoeboxes to disadvantaged children around the world since 1990. It aims to bring a little bit of joy into the lives of over 80 million children.

The 2014 appeal has now ended.

Visit: Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child

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