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Cromwell Road…. Or is it!?

A nice view of Cromwell Road in Hedon… except it’s not!!

Cromwell Road - Wrong place for sign

PERHAPS it was a sign of the times… but it certainly wasn’t a sign of the place!

Residents in Taillar Road on Leaf Sail in Hedon discovered last week that their street name had been changed by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council… to that of nearby Cromwell Road!

Thanks very much to Aly Smith for sending in this photo last week of the misplaced street nameplate!

Bridalway signOf course it’s not the first time that the East Riding Council have ‘dropped a clanger’ when it comes to street signs – regular readers will remember the ‘wedding bell of a clanger’ last year when Love Lane got its own Bridalway!

And while we are on the subject of street names, who can let us know whether it’s Draper’s Lane – or Drapers without an apostrophe?

Draper's Lane sign

Draper's Lane sign no apostrophe

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