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Faces in the Walls phenomenon – a stir at St Augustine’s!

What’s caught their attention? STONY FACES in the walls have caused a stir of excitement amongst the congregation of St Augustine’s Church in Hedon!

So what are John Anderton and Phil Danby looking at?
So what are John Anderton and Phil Danby looking at?

STONY FACES in the walls have caused a stir of excitement amongst the St Augustine’s Church congregation in Hedon!

The recent appearance of the faces that stare out from the walls of the 800 year old church have created lots of interest amongst churchgoers. Stone features are nothing new in the church; it has dozens of ornate figures, statuettes and effigies that have been carved out by ancient stonemasons during the last few centuries, but the new faces that have recently appeared seem to be embedded in the infrastructure of the church walls themselves!

Church Warden Phil Danby explained: “The first face appeared about two years ago and was pointed out by Sally a member of the congregation, but since then we’ve had two more faces in the wall appear. It’s really strange, it takes you a few moments to make out the features – and then you can’t miss them every time you look up!”

Phil and John Anderton both point out the first face to me in the Chancel, I look up and see nothing. I follow their more precise instructions on where to look and then suddenly the serene face of a man gazes out across the Chancel – and I wonder why I’ve never spotted him before!

Much like the Magic Eye Puzzles craze of the 1990’s – which involved staring at patterned shapes until an image ‘magically’ appears – once you see the faces, it’s hard not to see them every time!

There are now three distinct faces in the walls of the church; a face that I’ll refer to as “below Africa” and another that reminds me of a livid Father Christmas. But as I looked around the Church with renewed interest, I couldn’t help but think: “When will the next face appear!?”

There are already lots of reasons to visit the magnificent St Augustine’s Church, known locally as the “King of Holderness”, because of its rich history and ancient beauty – but the modern phenomenon of the “Faces in the Walls” is another quirky justification for a visit!

Will you – can you – see the faces!?

Can you see the Face?
Can you see the Face yet?
What about now?
What about now?
The Face highlighted!
The Face highlighted!

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