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Hedon man appeals for local support for #Lewiscampaign

Local businessman David Freer was moved to help by the plight of 4-year-old autism-sufferer Lewis when his specialist buggy was stolen – David is now asking his home-town for support…

HEDON’S David Freer is spearheading a campaign to help 4-year-old autism-sufferer Lewis Norman from Hull after his specialist buggy and adaptations were stolen from the city’s Pearson Park. David is hoping to raise at least £2,000 to replace the stolen items. That campaign has now gone citywide, but David is hoping that his home-town of Hedon will get behind the campaign too!

Lewis Campaign collection bucketDavid says:

“I’m looking for Hedon business owners to help me out by having my #Lewiscamapign raffle tickets and collection bucket in their shops, pubs, salons, ect, for a couple of days, then off to the next shop so it’s travels around for a few weeks.

“Can shop, pub and business owners help to site this bucket?”

“Contact me on 07872 566 778.”

David explains more about the #Lewiscampaign:

My name is David Freer, I’m contacting you today to see if you’d be kind enough to get behind this campaign. It’s called the #Lewiscampaign, recently featured in the Hull Daily Mail about how 4 year old Lewis who suffers with Autism became a victim of crime when his specialist chair was stolen whilst out at the park with his mum.

Since reading this article I contacted the family to offer any help that may be needed and after a lengthy chat with Nicola ‘Lewis’s Mum’ it became clear that lots more could be done not only to replace what was stolen but make Lewis’s life and his family’s life that bit better and less stressful at home.

The chair has since been replaced by Victoria House which is greatly appreciated by the family. However, with none of the accessories that were also stolen, the chair is not fit for Lewis’s needs and continues to leave him housebound. It is the accessories that I’m looking to replace which there is no funding available but also sensory equipment to make Lewis’s life that little bit better.

To help Lewis and the family and get the funding needed I set up a ‘go fund me’ account www.gofundme.com/Lewis-Hull which has the story from the start along with regular updates, pictures, links and the option to donate and share.

Since rolling out the campaign Lee Middleton at ‘The Mighty Black And Whites’ Hull FC Fan club replied to one of the many emails I issued out asking for local help not only for donations but to make people aware of what I was doing. Since then Lee and his team of admins have come on board putting an appeal out to fans across the city and the world through its website, and as a direct result secured a signed 2014 Hull FC shirt from Lafeta Paleaaesina and all the Hull FC team along with a signed FC ball and signed Sydney Roosters jersey which are now being raffled off in Advantage Sports on Savile Street Hull.

I have also managed to secure all funds raised in July with the help of Gareth Bucknall from Herbalife and Ben Cockayne from Hull K.R through their fitness club run from Craven Park. More recently our campaign was aired on ITV Calendar news  and on the BBC Burnsy Show on radio BBC Humberside.

I’m asking if you’d be kind enough to also help if not through donations but in getting the word out be it through your websites, social media or just word of mouth, whatever help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks for reading this mail and fingers crossed you can help me, if you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me on the options below.


David Freer

Visit: www.gofundme.com/Lewis-Hull

David can be contacted through his business:

Home & Garden
Twitter @Home_GardenHull
Mobile: 07872 566 778

15 thoughts on “Hedon man appeals for local support for #Lewiscampaign

  1. DAVID says:

    “We did it! As a result of all the hard work not only has enough been raised to replace the specialist chair Lewis had stolen but all the accessories that went with it along with £2000 worth of sensory equipment and enough left over to sort out two other children on the Autistic scale

    “A grand total of £2725.62 has been raised which will go directly to Lewis, Ruby and Kian helping them to lead better lives.”

    See the whole story and ‘thank yous’ via David on Facebook at: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10204123870077596&substory_index=0&id=1250869309

  2. #Lewiscampaign Raffle Tickets:

    £2 could win you…………

    1st prize – Signed 2014 Hull FC shirt
    2nd prize – Signed Sydney Roosters Premier Jersey
    3rd prize – Signed Hull FC ball
    4th prize – Signed Leeds Rhinos ball
    5th prize – A luxury Loram Candle Hamper worth £50
    6th, 7th & 8th – Family bowling passes and kids gift sets
    9th – Limited edition evil Minion
    10th – Tea/coffee & cake for 2 at Hedon’s Chatty Couch
    11th – A luxury basket of scented candles and oil burner with oils from “Sam’s Scented Delights” worth £25
    12th – A mixing bowl worth £20
    13th – “Coco-Rachel Boutique” Bouquet voucher worth £20

    c/o David Freer

    1. Thank you John that’s very kind of you. Am I ok to pop in on Monday and you can have it until the 31st when the campaign finishes?
      Many thanks

  3. Still looking for more businesses to have the bucket for a few days, please contact me on 07872566778 if you can help.

  4. I am very lucky to know Mr David Freer personally known him a while 6 or 7 years more or less booth through his taxi and his company Home and Garden he has done work for me in my home ie a new Victorian fire place fitted and was £200 pound cheaper than my cheapest quote and all I can say is his company did me proud infact I gave the guy a tenner tip unuseual for a taxi driver to tip lol.well he read about this young man Lewis and I could see that he was upset so he told me the full story and I quote he said I am going to help raise the money for his pram and more if its the last thing I do unquote so he comes round with the hat and we put a couple of quid in that was the start of it,since them David has taken time from work to be interviewed by hull daily mail time off for Burnsey radio Humberside going round all the stores to promote this the amount of effort David has put in to this is formominalso if you are reading this PLEASE GIVE a couple of bob you never know it might your family he’s collecting for next time

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