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Shell Mex and BP installation workers 1955

Do you know people in this 1955 photograph of Shell Mex and BP Ltd installation workers? The Ripley’s Reminiscences series…

Shell Mex & BP installation workers
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WE’VE not had any Ripley’s Reminiscences for a while. So today we rectify that! This 1955 photograph is of Shell Mex and BP Ltd installation workers – the company had a largely local workforce.

Malc Ripley
Malc Ripley

Malc has kindly numbered the foreheads of those who are identified.

1   George Bartlett, Electrician , Lived in Preston. (C).
2   Ken Haywood, (C), Hull.
3   George Shepherdson, Hull.
4   “Pash” Raven, Hull Road, Hedon. (Daughter Audrey, Former Nursing Sister lives in Hedon.
5   Alec Crane, (C), Hedon. His family lives in Hedon.
6   Dick Willingham, Hull Road. Son John plays Bowls, lives in Bilton.
7   Arthur Ripley, lived in 34 Sheriff Highway, (C), Was the Installation Foreman after Harold Smith retired.
8   Mick Mitchell , Hull. (C).
9   John “Tug” Wilson, Hull. Scorer at (C).
10  Cyril Latus, East Hull.
11  “Tich” Eric Wright, Hull.
12  Alan Harrison, East Hull (C).
13  Charlie Crooks, Hull.
14  Tom Lowe, Hedon. A good Darts player.
15  Walt Barrett, Hedon.
16  Manager Shell Mex – name unknown!
17  George Sewell, Assistant Manager, West Hull.
18  George Stevenson, Preston.
19  Harold Rusling, Lab Technician, Lived in Sheriff Highway, (C).

(C) Denotes the person played Cricket (it is Malc’s reminiscences after all).

There are 13 un-identified names. Can you name anyone? Who do you know/remember?

Note: Shell-Mex and BP Ltd was formed when Shell and BP merged in 1932. A ‘de-merge’ into two separate entities apparently took place again in 1975.

There is an interesting infographic about the history of the Saltend site at: http://saltendchemicalspark.co.uk/history

6 thoughts on “Shell Mex and BP installation workers 1955

  1. It’s quite spooky how the people whose names are remembered all have numbers tattooed on their foreheads.

  2. That should say white in his hair, not while. 🙂
    I’m writing this on my mobile phone so predictive text caught me out there.

  3. His name was Charles Marshall
    He looked similar to photo 16. Its hard to tell because I wasn’t born then and he had a lot of while in his hair and had an older looking face when I remember him. Maybe someone who worked there could tell me more.

  4. Have looked for my dad on the photo but he isn’t there. George House worked at Salt End at that time.

    1. In 19-55 when the photo was taken there were seven companies trading at Saltend.
      British Industrial Solvents would be the largest employer at this time with Shell Mex and BP and /or The Hull Distillery being 2nd, Companies called Anglo and Esso were around the same size, British Vinegars ,who were sandwiched between BIS and Hull Distillery were next,and a Wagon Repair Company who were sited to the docks side of Shell and BP complete the list I remember. I had been at Hull Distillery Ten Years at this time apart from the two years doing my National Service.
      A relic of this period still exists in the shape of three or four storage tanks on a site known as The Abadan Site at Saltend, I’m not saying they are the same tanks though!
      Is there a possibility that because a relative worked at Saltend, posters on this site assume that they could be included on this photo, The was one chap I knew of called Charlie Marshall, was a electrician at BIS and lived on New Road at Hedon.

      George House, Lived opposite the school at Paull and for a few months had a Chimney Sweeps Brush stuck with about four foot out of the pot, Sorry I don’t know where he worked at that time.

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