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The Hedon UKIP campaign

Ray Duffill, Editor, offers a personal view of the Euro Elections yesterday…

DID YOU feel the Earth move yesterday? It could have been the UKIP promised political earthquake perhaps?

Terry West UKIPWhatever your views on the anti-European Union UKIP, what could not be doubted during polling day yesterday was the fact that they were the only party with any visible presence.

The party had two giant poster billboards at prime sites on Hedon’s main road and several posters being displayed across the town in people’s windows. Other parties may have had posters and boards displayed, but blue, red, amber and green seemed to be in shorter supply.

UKIP party member and Hedon Town Councillor, Terry West, spent several hours yesterday outside the Methodist Church talking to voters as they left the polling station.

A political party talking to voters!?  In modern elections – cynically speaking – that is something normally only seen when candidates are standing for their own seats.

Terry West wasn’t standing yesterday – but displayed an enormous enthusiasm for his party.  Other parties were absent.

Mr West’s support for the euro elections might be considered ironic – UKIP is standing for Europe in order to pull out of it – but his presence certainly added some colour and excitement into what otherwise would have been a humdrum election.

Pundits – dependent on their political persuasion – have expressed disappointment or delight at UKIP’s surge in support in the election results last night. Whatever your view – is that a tremble I hear in the distance!?

There were nine other parties standing in the Yorkshire & Humber area yesterday:

An Independence From Europe
British National Party
English Democrats
Green Party
Labour Party
Liberal Democrats
Yorkshire First

Note: Ray Duffill, Editor, offers a personal comment and view of Euro Election day 2014.

16 thoughts on “The Hedon UKIP campaign

  1. Steve knows as well as the rest of us , it was a terrible result for labour with 1 year to a general election they were hoping for many more gains, I predict another tory coalition , but with who.?

    1. LABOUR picked up 7 extra Euro seats, (not the 10 I forecasted.. a tad too optimisticly), but it was the Con/Dem coaltion parties that lost 17 seats between them. So who had a terrible night ?

  2. I do however, respect Terry West for standing all day in the rain. That can’t have been comfortable.

  3. In all fairness what Steve said is true. I was in Hull on the day of the Euro election and the Labour Party were everywhere. They were answering people’s questions door to door, and in the streets and outside of the polling stations.

    1. Doe’s that mean the Labour party don’t give a dam about the small out lying areas? NONE of the “main party’s ” do or did not until UKIP entered the arena

  4. On Immigration… Nett last year was 220k, that 0.3% of the population…How is that a problem ?
    And of those that come, fewer claim any benefits than UK people. They come to work and make money. So theyre contributing to our pensions nd benefits…

    Of course, what UKIP dont like is the fact that Immigration was over 500,000 last year, but 300,000 Brits left to work or retire abroad. It’s the 500,000 “foreigners” they dont like.. Oh and Lenny Henry of course. Thats because the party is Racist. End of.

    Most of the 500,000 came from outside the EU actually, so UKIPs policy of leaving the EU, a) will not solve the “immigration problem” and b) will cost British jobs.. Not very smart !

    Good to see that those places with the most mixed multi ethnic populations where people live and work together rejected UKIP, because the fears they peddle are seen as nonsense. .

  5. Ray I think you’ll find party members of the three main parties were focused in Hull where the council elections were happening, not just the Euro vote. And Labour ran three street stalls in Hedon and Beverley as well as getting 20,000 leaflets out right across the constituency from Beverley to Withernsea… Locally the Tories were invisible and Liberals seem to have evaporated… I predict LABOUR will gain a seat in Yorkshire tonight, and around 10 nationally. at the expense of the Tories and Liberals, who will probably be beaten into 5th by the Greens… UKIP’s “surge” is assisted by picking up the 5% the BNP got 5 years ago of course. Funny how the media interprets getting 15% and 170 gains as a surge, when Labour won almost 2000 seats with 300 gains and got twice as many votes…
    Next May turnout will be twice as high and only Ed or Dave can be PM, with the maths stacked against Cameron

    a “Kipper” vote will be a wasted vote !

  6. I’ve studied European Politics and have worked for the Government Office.
    You will find most of the EU money stays within the UK and goes towards the EU development fund and helps areas such as the North East, South Yorkshire and the Humber.
    The EU isn’t perfect but we need to be in it, especially in our area.
    The issue with the fishing industry was that it never adapted, just like the 70′s mass market car industry, it died. Today we have new industries such as the green energy sector and have Japanese car makers that rely on the EU.
    Time will tell if UKIP become a driving force in British politics, many people are tired of the main three parties, the Conservatives and Lib Dems popularity is waining away, Labour has made many gains but many feel Miliband is not Prime Minister material, many younger voters are switching to the Greens but the older generation are siding with UKIP.
    I echo the views already posted here that immigration isn’t an issue, the Greens have won more seats then UKIP in West Yorkshire where it could be considered that immigration is higher than in East Yorkshire. There are many farms in East Yorkshire that rely on immigrant workers.

  7. I think it’s very easy to blame immigrants and Europe on this countries woes.
    The point made about the fisheries is spot on, UKIP could make a difference but don’t.

    The government in Westminster has more control than the parliament in Brussells, Europe send Directives for it’s member states to follow and it is a bit of a myth that Britain pays in and gets nothing out, there’s a lot of developments in Hull that are funded by EU money, such as the new building going up on the old Airfix site.
    Siemens wouldn’t be moving to Hull if we were out of the EU, likewise Nissan would pull out of my native North East.

    It’s not the case that immigrants take British folks jobs, unemployment is coming down and there is much more people in employment than there has been for some time but there is a very British problem of people not wanting to work.

    For those that are disillusioned by the main 3 parties and think UKIP are the only alternative, take a look at the Green Party.

    1. I do not wish to get into an argument but EU money is not EU money it is our taxes that pay, even taking the Governments figure of 55 million into EU evry day,you could build 10 sites like the old Airfix site with ONE days contribution, Nissan have threatened to pull out before, and Siemens came to this area
      because it close to the North Sea sites and the deep water docks.

  8. I have looked at joining ukip but have to say they do have a bit of a racist undercurrent , I dont think this is at the forefront of the party though. People are not concerned with migrants who come here to work pay taxes and become valuable part of the community, its the ones that come with no intentions of working but to cash in on benefits and manipulate the system , why do people refuse to see this , walk down springbank in hull and tell me again theres not a problem in our area, there was a cafe with a sign on the window saying no whites not long back. If you allow countrys to join the eu whose standards are not of a similar standing to our own its obvious whats going to happen you cant blame the people. When we joined the eu it was called the common market and was about trade, not about open border policies and making laws which only we seem to follow. The main stream parties have ignored the working classes and ukip are exploiting that , until they begin to address the real problems in our country then ukip will continue to gain momentum. Most of the politicians both locally and nationally have no idea how ordinary people live , have never seen an electric meter and people have no faith in them ukip only have a few policies but the working man can identify with these policies and ive wat hed people vote this week who have either never voted or not voted for a long time. The face of politics is changing.

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head there, the main three parties are so out of touch.

      I have to agree with Phil, there is hardly any immigration in this area, I’ve lived in Leeds, Manchester and South London, focusing on Spring Bank is tiny in comparison, I really think Hull misses out on not being as multicultural as other cities.

      We’ve signed up for open borders within Europe, what’s wrong with people moving where the jobs are?
      I left home at 18 to get a job, why does it make a difference if you come from Teesside or Tallinn?

  9. I just think that some people are fed up with Britain losing its identity more and more over recent years and probably feel that at least UKIP will fight for Britain in Europe. Whether they fare as well in a General Election remains to be seen….

  10. I read the above comment but have to say that ALL our great fishing industry was surrendered to Europe by the, so called main stream party’s and it is those
    main stream party’s that are letting Europe’s unelected masses dictate the way our island is run.
    Those who may be persuaded that “coming out” of the EU will loose jobs should remember we have been a trading island with the whole world for hundreds of years before the EU had even been thought of.
    We also pay into this club effectively a new hospital or school PER DAY into
    coffers that the UK gets very little back.
    Frank Delaney

  11. As regular readers will know I am not a fan of UKIP, they’ve managed to make casual racism acceptable and their members homophobic comments are abhorrant.

    Is immigration in Holderness such a problem? Are we really awash with Polish, Bulgarians or Romanians, no were not, most of those here are hard working on farms and are paying tax into the system.

    UKIP standing in Europe will never give the UK independence, only having power in Westminster will do such a thing, that’s maybe why UKIP attendance record in the European Parliament is so poor.

    I read this week that Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has done more for British fishermen than all the UKIP MEP’s put together.

    UKIP don’t like the NHS, Cllr West voted against Hedon Town Council endorsing a petition to save NHS services in our area.

    I think UKIP’s biggest test will be in the 2015 elections.

  12. I agree they have conducted their campaign quite eloquently but can they run the country competently?
    we would all love to have our own way but things are not always as easy as they seem, migrants would not be here if there were no job vacancies why do we have British people out of work on benefits when we all know now there are jobs available? the migrants are contributing to the british unemployment benefits!!!

    Are the British unemployed too proud and picky or is it now just another lifestyle option

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