Residents views to be sought

A Hedon local transport service… a bridge linking Leaf Sail and Inmans estates…

having-your-sayTHE VIEWS of residents are to be sought on two major projects being investigated by Hedon Town Council.

The council’s newsletter, distributed via the Holderness Heartbeat advertising magazine, will include two items in the next issue seeking responses from local residents. The collected findings will help the council make decisions regarding two key project ideas being looked at by town council *working groups.

1. Firstly, residents will be asked whether they would use a local transport service (see Hedon Blog article Dec 2013). Explained will be an idea to run a frequent transport service covering all of Hedon. The purpose of the service would be to relieve parking problems in the town by encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use the service mini-bus instead for journeys across Hedon and into the town centre. The concept will rely on the service being regular and frequent, so that wherever you live in Hedon, and whenever you opt to use the service when operating, a mini-bus will always be due.

Motorists in the town will be asked whether they would use such a service rather than opt to use their car for journeys. Whilst aimed at changing motorists behaviour, and aimed to help resolve parking problems, such a service would also offer convenient travel to town (for shopping trips for example) for those with mobility problems.

All residents will be asked for their opinions on the idea of the transport service. Not all residents would benefit – not everyone is a motorist frustrated at the lack of parking facilities in Hedon, and not everyone has mobility problems – but all households in the town may be asked to contribute towards the costs of the service if the idea is deemed feasible.

2. The second project idea, at early stages of investigation, is the concept of a bridge being built across Burstwick Drain linking Leaf Sail Farm with the rest of Hedon. Would residents use a bridge – is one needed?

Whilst a bridge was originally envisaged when Leaf Sail was built, the project never materialised. One of the problems with building a bridge, is its location. The originally planned site for such a bridge might not be feasible today. Before the council embarks with the expenses of a feasibility study into any project, it needs to determine if there is a demand from residents for such a linking bridge.

Google Map showing Leaf Sail and Inmans split 2
Google Map showing Leaf Sail in the South and Inmans in the North split by Burstwick Drain

Both the above project ideas have elements of controversy attached to them, and Hedon Town Council is quick to emphasise that no decisions have been taken on either. The current consultation exercises being conducted via the newsletter is to obtain the viewpoints of local residents regarding each project.

The council newsletter is expected to be delivered to residents’ homes during May/June 2014.

*The council establishes working groups to look at particular issues. Smaller groups of interested councillors meet outside of the official meetings in order to research a matter before bringing it to an official council meeting for any formal decisions that need to be made. Most of the work done in such groups takes place out of sight and ‘behind the scenes’ but can take up quite a lot of volunteer time of the councillors involved.

8 thoughts on “Residents views to be sought

  1. we have lived without it for long enough and knew when we moved here there was no connection so NO WE DON’T WANT IT!

  2. One day we will all be elderly, frail and perhaps unable to drive the half a mile from A to B as most people seem to these days (no wonder we have such health problems in modern Britain). Or our circumstances might change and we can no longer afford a car – or 2 or 3 or even the 4 you see cramming driveways. I think – with some reservations – the transport service could well be a good idea but it will need support from locals for it to work. It is chaos in Hedon centre and it is irritating to see cars displaying disabled badges parked on double yellows tight up to our entrances during busy times so those actually living here can’t use their drives. I have no vested interest in the scheme; I don’t own a car (couldn’t afford to run one!) and I live in the centre so I’m considering this from a selfless point of view. To be honest, I’d happily pay a few extra quid – within reason – on my council tax if it helps people and businesses to keep Hedon running as a viable town.

  3. I agree that a shuttle bus service would be a waste of time and money. It seems unfair for everybody to pay for a service that only a small minority would use. We already have a bus service around Inmans Estate that is able to drop people off opposite the chipshop and in Hedon centre which is free with a senior citizens bus pass. I know it would be unpopular but the only way to get people to leave their cars at home and walk is to hit them were it hurts and firstly charge for parking in all the car parks. For those who work in Hedon it would be unfortunate but if you work in Hull you have to pay to park. Regarding Market Hill, I think it should be 1 hour parking only, so that people who need to use the doctors surgeries can get parked. It is a side issue but it may be time for a medical centre to be built on the outskirts of Hedon. People who suggest we should concrete over Market Hill surely don’t care about Hedon as it is one of the loveliest areas we have, especially when there is no traffic on a weekend! Unfortunately, we have to accept that people will no longer shop in Hedon like they used to due to the grip of the supermarkets, also and this is only my opinion as a long term resident that Leaf Sail Farm has never fully felt part of Hedon as it is out on a limb. We as a nation love our cars and the convenience of them so majority would rather put up with the inconvenience or cost rather than walk.
    On the separate issue of a bridge linking Leaf Sail to Inmans, there is already a bridge which links Thorn Road to Acklam Road which is underused and has been there for years. I think it is too late to build a new one, it should have have been put in at an early stage of the housing development. I am not quite sure where the proposed bridge would be, but if you lived in one of the cul de sacs on Leaf Sail would you want one at the end of yours? Regarding Inmans School the parking issue has got a lot worse over the last couple of years, some parents park very dangerously on the corners and I am surprised there haven’t been more accidents, think its time for the police and traffic warden to pay a visit! Again, majority of parents could walk but don’t and children outside of Hedon attend the school so have to drive. It is down to freedom of choice and they choose to use their cars, I know of people who live 5 minutes away and still drive.
    I will be sending a letter to Hedon Town Council detailing my concerns.

  4. Got to agree with Neil, that transport idea is a complete waste of time.
    The issues in Leaf Sail Farm need sorting, Cleeve Road is far too narrow and needs widening and how did the planning authorities let Beal Homes get away with not building the bridge?

  5. I wonder how many older residence of Hedon remember the old brick bridge that crossed the Burstwick drain . I remember it in its collapsed state the victim of a 1960 ,s storm . It was located about where the B for Burstwick drain is in between the road from inmans and above the driving school. We used to play there and knew it as broken bridge.

  6. The bridge is vital. Just stand and watch the traffic chaos at 3.30pm outside Inmans Primary School. A footbridge from Leaf Sail onto the Inmans estate would reduce the traffic massively. It doesn’t matter if its raining or boiling hot children are still picked up by car. A minibus wouldnt have any impact this whatsoever.

  7. I live on Leaf Sail Farm and I think a bridge over the Burstwick drain is unnecessary. It would shorten the walk by only about half a mile and in a time when people are encouraged to be active, this kind of shortcut does little to help

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