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A Hedon Scarecrow Walk!

The latest initiative to be scheduled this year by Hedon Town Council – in an already impressive list of events – is a HEDON SCARECROW WALK….

Had to look out for low-flying Scarecrow witches in Thorngumbald last year!

COMMUNITY EVENTS in Hedon have certainly increased in number since Hedon Town Council’s Events Committee was formed last year. The latest initiative to be scheduled – in an already impressive list of events – is a Hedon Scarecrow Walk.

Scarecrow trails and festivals have certainly grown in popularity in recent years. Last year we had the Preston Scarecrows in June, the magnificent Gala and Scarecrow Trail in Thorngumbald in July (which this year is expected to be an even bigger event encompassing Ryehill, Bridge Bungalows and Thornfields as well as Ryehill and Camerton), and the Paull Scarecrow Festival on August Bank Holiday.

Now Hedon is hoping to follow in the crow-scaring traditions set by our neighbour villages! The Hedon Scarecrow Walk has been scheduled for the weekend of Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2014 – get the dates in your diaries!

South West Holderness looks set to become ‘Scarecrow Capital’ for 2014… Can’t wait!

Photo: You had to look out for low-flying scarecrow witches in Thorngumbald last July!

6 thoughts on “A Hedon Scarecrow Walk!

  1. The scarecrow trail is a fantastic idea and already has my children talking about what they’d like to do! The only problem with having all the events on the same weekend is that it’s very difficult to support each other if we’re attending our own. I know it’s not possible to consider the dates of every event but running a gala in Hedon and Preston Village Show at the same time for example is direct competition and I don’t believe it would benefit of those organising events. Keeping them separate allows communities to mix and families to spread the cost of the rides, stalls etc. over a few weeks.

  2. I do very much plan to reinstate the Hedon Gala and maybe even magdalen fair if I can get the support to do so. I have been in talks about this with my fellow Councillors on the events committee.

  3. oh no i disagree ..separate days .. we should also reinstate the Hedon Gala which was held on far bank …this could make for a really good weekend i never understood why it was ever cancelled, we also use to have a big bonfire night event with a disco this was also a great community event uuntil they burnt the overhead wires , but im sure with a bit of thought this could be sorted out.

  4. I didn’t set a theme because I didnt want to confine people to a theme. I wanted to see people come up with their own unique creations.
    When I brought the idea of a scarecrow walk to the Council Jim did mention that it would be good to have the scarecrow walk on the same days as other villages. I think that would be a really nice idea and is something I will persue in the future. I’m going to see how this one goes first.

  5. I suggested last year it would be good if all the villages held the event on the same weekend, that would bring people to the area.

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