THIS ILLUSTRATION of ‘Hedon Church’ believed to be from 1754 has been made available from the extensive libraries of Getty Images.
Embed from Getty Images
Captioned “Hedon Church, Yorkshire, circa 1750.” the image depicts St Augustine’s Church. The church looks different from today, because the south wall was completely rebuilt at the end of the 1860’s and now includes a wagon-wheel window, rather than the traditional arched window depicted here.

Getty Images is among the world’s leading creators and distributors of award-winning photography serving the press and media in over 100 countries. In partnership with WordPress (which powers the Hedon Blog), we can now tap into that vast library of professional photographs and illustrations.

Getty is making up to 35 million photos available through a new “embed tool” for non-commercial purposes, and images can also be shared on social media sites Twitter and Tumblr. The company has made the move because of the proliferation of the unauthorised use of its images across the world-wide web – they wish to ensure that images are properly attributed.

Whilst the move is welcomed by the Hedon Blog because it allows us to embed seldom-seen illustrations like the one shown here, it has been criticised by some professional photographers who fear that the widespread use of quality images on the web will reduce their opportunities of making a living.

Commercial users of Getty’s library – including newspapers and TV news – will continue to be charged.

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