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Businesses urged to create local demand for superfast broadband

…the roll-out of Lightstream superfast-broadband is very much “dependent on local infrastructure and demand”… so let’s help create that demand in the town…

AN APPEAL is to be issued in the next edition of the Hedon Town Council newsletter to encourage local businesses that want access to superfast broadband to make the case to KC.

Fibre Optic CableCouncillor John Dennis explained at last night’s meeting of the Hedon Town Council, that the town was not currently on the lists of places to benefit from the deployment of KC’s superfast Lightstream service, however the local telecoms provider was interested in getting businesses signed up.

Lightstream is claimed by KC to be far faster – more than eight times faster – than the UK’s average broadband speed. The company has made a significant investment into fibre optic cable technology which can carry massive amounts of data over much longer distances than the existing copper based wire services.

At a recent East Riding Council meeting in Beverley (29th January 2014), KC Director Sean Royce spoke about the company’s ambitions, but made the point that the roll-out of Lightstream was very much “dependent on local infrastructure and demand”. And whilst Hedon is not scheduled to be an immediate beneficiary of Lightstream, KC does say on its website: “If you’re a business and not in the roll-out area but you’d like Lightstream get in touch. We’ll explore how we could get you connected.”

Councillor Dennis in his appeal last night urged local companies and businesses to consider getting signed up to superfast broadband.

With more local businesses showing interest and getting connected, this will prove demand and work undertaken to get fibre-to-the-premises will help improve the local infrastructure generally for superfast services in the town.

Find out more about KC Business Lightstream at: http://www.kcbusiness.co.uk/products/connect/lightstream-broadband

8 thoughts on “Businesses urged to create local demand for superfast broadband

  1. KC aren’t the only broadband supplier in the area, nor were they when this article was posted.
    Airnet, based in Keyingham have been offering ‘super-fast’ (approx 80MB) eless broadband to the HU12 area for quite a while now, with no need for a landline. It’s cheaper than KC too.
    Purebroadband and Connexin offer similar broadband services, and claim to cover many parts of HU12.

    The trouble is, the few potential customers that know about these alternatives have very little information about the reliability of them, in order to make an informed decision as to whether it’s a good idea to subscribe, or not. There are a few rumours floating around on the forums, but that’s all.

    Given that we’re apparently in situation of begging a PLC to make their overpriced broadband faster, due the fallacious belief that they hold a monopoly, would it not be rational to at least acknowledge the presence of competition?

    Although it’s the role of businesses to advertise themselves, the content and tone of these articles, even when critical of KC, effectively act at free advertising for KC, the so-called ‘only choice’.

        1. Very rarely to be honest. We are really pleased with them and would not go back to Karoo.

  2. I have done as Phil suggested I’ve registered an interest on Lightstream.kc.co.uk
    Don’t wait for this council or others to organise it, do it yourself.

  3. The broadband speeds here are variable. Great if youre near the exchange. But if youre on Leaf Sail or other parts it can be quite poor. It was rasied with me during the byelection in February. KC’s rollout plan has been seemingly quite random with some places smaller than Hedon already having Lightstream. Rather than leave it to individual businesses, this is something the Town Council should do for the town., to benefit businesses and consumers alike. Typical Tory approach from John Dennis- let business look after itself and the rest of you might benefit If the Council asked businesses, schools,GPs and individuals to support a joint submission we would have a much stronger case for getting Lightstream made available for all of us, and much quicker ! Other Parish Councils. have successfully done this. Hedon.Town Council seemingly cant be bothered. .

  4. They are rolling it out to benefit those with slowest speeds first hedon doesnt qualify as we have reasonable speeds due to the fact the exchange is here, we will have to wait our turn. Our councils should spend more time campaigning against the unfair monopoly that KC have , we pay much more than BT and Sky customers especially when you include the tv packages. They use red tape to get round the monopolies commision and its about time we had the same choices as the rest of the country.

  5. It’s all fair and good that a handful of businesses get faster broadband but KC should be rolling out KC Lightstream to residential customers like they have in Paull and Thorngumbald.
    Some speeds in Hedon are great but others are really poor.
    I have been told by KC if there is a demand for KC Lightstream they will look at it, residential customers should register on Lightstream.kc.co.uk
    Lets use people power to get a better broadband service into Hedon.

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