Senegal Parakeet

A PARROT has escaped from his Draper’s Lane home across teatime on Sunday 23rd February 2014.

The bird was last seen flying/being blown across the Westlands Drain in the direction of Spicers Road.

The bird’s owner Mr Cooper has made an appeal for people to keep an eye out for him and check their back gardens. He said: “There is a chance he could have ended up dropping down in to a garden somewhere on that estate. Taking in to account the current weather, I’m not sure he will have much hope of surviving, as obviously he’s never been in the big wide world before.”

If you spot the bird, or have him, then let us know here on the Blog or e-mail us at and we will make sure that Mr Cooper is informed.

The photo sent in by Mr Cooper is of a Senegal Parrot which he says is very similar to the lost bird.

Lost bird last seen over Spicers Rd
Lost bird last seen over Spicers Rd – Google Map

3 thoughts on “Lost Parrot

  1. Sorry I haven’t seen your parrot but I’m surmising you’ve put his cage outside with some tempting morsels of food in it. Tame birds aren’t daft and will copy local wild birds; just like wild birds he obviously knows humans supply nuts, seeds, etc and he’s possibly sheltering in small wooded copses by day and sleeping at night in an open barn. Years ago we got our mother’s budgie back from the wild, much to his chagrin. We’d tramped across the fields towards Preston – as we approached each little copse, the wild birds fell silent and there was no response to our shouts, until eventually at one copse we were met with the usual silence and then, unable to resist, our quarry eventually chirruped an answer to our call. We’d taken his favourite toy and by guile managed to capture him and take him home, ignoring his very loud protests lol I’m sharing your request in the hope that somebody can help.

  2. Following the recent success in finding a lost (stolen) dog – it would be really good if we can find this lost bird too!

    Mr Cooper writes:

    “Just a quick message to ask if you can update my appeal and reword it. To start off with I have been told my bird is a Senegal Parrot, not a Senegal Parakeet as I said. So can you change the Parakeet part to Parrot.

    I have had a sighting of my bird Yesterday Morning (Wednesday 26th Feb 2014) All I can tell you is he was seen been chased from a garden by a couple of magpies, but the homeowner can not tell me which way they chased him off in. They watched back on the cctv, but it did not span above the 8ft high back garden wall.

    He was in a back garden of a house on New Road, which backs on to the cut through from ketwell lane (starts next to the Telephone Exchange) and runs past the back of the police station to the bottom of ivy lane – I have always just called it the cut through to Ketwell.

    I did have a good walk around the area, but I could not see him anywhere, although if he was been chased he will of flown away from that area and as I have no idea which direction he flow off in, there is not much I can do as he could be anywhere.

    Please help me find him. He is very old and only used to interacting with a couple of people. If you see him or have any information on him please contact 897644.”

    The bird should be quite distinctive with his colours – and although he has been out on his own for a while, it would still be very useful if people could have a look in their gardens now!
    Lost Parrot

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