From the archives – Characters who played local Cricket

MALC RIPLEY has sent in this photo of a South Holderness Cricket Club 1st XI team. With his impeccable memory Malc describes the characters pictured…

First eleven team – but from what year?

MALC RIPLEY has sent in this photo of a South Holderness Cricket Club (SHCC) 1st XI team.

With his impeccable memory (it must be a trait of cricket umpires!?) Malc describes below the characters in this photograph. We wonder what year the photo was taken (if you think you know, leave a comment)? We hope that Malc can provide the answer!?

Back row:

Harry Scarah. Groundsman, Hedge clipper, he cut them all by hand on the three sides of their Middle Lane ground, being the only person known to have used a scythe on the edges of the outfield. More often than not, Harry had a cig dangling from the corners of his mouth whilst he swished away merrily! He was a long serving, loyal volunteer, as well as being the Hedon Mayor’s Sergeant- at-Mace, but a leg injury curtailed his cricket playing days.

Fred “Pasty” Fewlass – nicknamed for his known love of crusty pastry .Another long serving member, going on to Score and to Umpire. A hard-hitting batsman and a fine fielder.

John “Jack” Hill – preferred to play in the An Xl where he proved to be a fine pace bowler, it is thought that Jack holds the Club record for most wickets for that particular side, although the records are unreliable.

Arthur Marshall – a ’round arm’ but accurate bowler. Nicknamed ‘Baron Westhaven’ after his house in Sheriff Highway, was the Secretary before becoming the Treasurer. Not recognised for his batting skills.

Arthur Iveson – Another long servant, played a big part in helping to help finance the Club along with Guy Dossor, and with ST Johnson, in the move to the current ground in 1936.
Usually liked to open the batting, a Club Captain, being a useful wicket- keeper. His father also played for the Club for many years.

Reg Skinner – a tall right arm bowler, who was called “Buckrat” by Ted Crane, Reg was known to break stubborn partnerships with an excellent delivery!

Major H Campbell Johnson – The SHCC President from 1930 until 1956, a non-player, but supported most home matches.

Billy (WH) Heron. A somewhat quirky, unusual batsman, being yet another local long serving member. A Builder and Small holder

Front row:

John Heron – Billy’s son, batted almost anywhere in the team, but was not known to score a fifty during his lengthy career. His favourite shot being a ‘late cut’ or also recognised as a ‘dab’ outside his off stump!

Fred Palmer – well-known as a ‘charmer’, a very useful bowler, with a smooth action. Usually hit the ball hard.

Ted Fewson. A Farmer from Lelley, there were few better Club Members than the hard-working Ted. He was Secretary, Chairman, Treasurer, as well as a popular Captain. Even found the time to do ground work.

Geoff Credland – a very tall fast bowler, often with a good haul of victims, a clean hitter when he batted.

Alf Brown – played in the AN Xl, but possessed a good eye when batting, well-remembered for probably the biggest hit ever witnessed at Middle Lane. Alf once hit a ball from the Haven end of the ground, way, way over the pair of horse-chestnut trees. It was finally recovered from a dew pond where the bungalows now stand on Draper’s Lane. His six hit was paced at 110 yards. He hit a rapid 85 that day, but Holderness still suffered defeat!.

Malc Ripley scorerNever-the-less, Happy days!

Malc Ripley.

Malc Ripley began as a cricket Umpire in 1962 aged 24 – he puts this move into ‘officialdom’ down to being excluded from the SHCC XI that year due to his loss of form as a batsman and an off-spinner! Prior to playing cricket, Malc had been a scorer at local matches (pictured here age of 11 or 12 from a photo sent in by Malc’s cousin Pete Robson).

10 thoughts on “From the archives – Characters who played local Cricket

  1. This article is quite a treat as I have never seen this photograph in my late father’s collection. My father, Arthur Iveson, died in 1990. There are a few rellies in the photo and many familiar faces. My childhood weekends, and my brother Tony’s, were spent at the cricket ground. But I think for me perhaps it was the lovely teas that were served by loyal wives!! Including Granny Heron and my mother Lily Iveson.
    Thoroughly enjoyed, Chris Ward

  2. Sara/Ray,
    More springs to mind regarding Howard, not only was he an opening bowler for SHCC, but was also the Club’s Hon. Treasuer for five years, before Keith Duguid succeeded him in the post.
    His Dad, Bert Horseman was a popular employee at the Hedon Co-op in the Market Place for many years, when the shop was managed by Wilf Credland of Ketwell Lane, (West Lane in those days) Good days apparently!

  3. After three weeks, I will put the cricket “fans ” out of their misery, as Sue Dickson has now prompted me!, If my memory served me correctly, photo was taken in 1951.
    This brings me to update you all, with recent happenings since last September.
    The East Yorkshire Alliance, which was founded in 1997, became sadly defunct at the close of last season, which means that all local cricket, apart from the separate York Vale League, will be under the umbrella of the (newly revamped, regionalised from 2014), York & District Senior League, come May 3rd this time.
    Only the Premier Div and Div One, will not be regionalised to help curtal the long, time consuming and expensive travelling distances, to assist team’s younger players to play.
    South Holderness first XI will participate in the Y&DSCL Division 4 East, with only 18 matches, at least for this year, compared to their customary 22 games, after being in the EY Alliance Premier Div in the past.
    They will participate against former teams in Beverley III, Cottingham, Driifield IV, Hill Top
    Kirk Ella, Sutton- on- Hull, together with the likes of Hornsea II, Patrington II and Brandesburton,
    (Note:- Hornsea II & Brandesburton used to play against the Hedon based side in the old Cricket Pennant Alliance days, when I was the SHCC “Club” Umpire).
    A number of other former Alliance teams, namely, Humbleton, Hull Ionians Coal Exporters (HICE),, Hessle, Eastrington & Beverley IV, will compete in the ‘York’ Eastern Conference League,Division One, together with other Clubs – Newport, Walkington, North Dalton, Middleton- on- the Wolds and Fenner III, again 18 games apiece.
    Conversely, SHCC An Xl will participate in the Eastern Conference Division Three this time, again with 18 matches, against Cottingham II, Foxtons, Skirlaugh, Bransholme & Kingswood, Pelican, Kirk Ella II, Humberside Police, Old Hymerians & Skidby.
    SHCC travel to Pelcan CC to open their campaign, with the 1sts entertaining Hill Top on Sat 3rd May.
    Another Holderness based team, Patrington 1sts continued their success story being divisional Champions yet again, being promoted to Div 2( South) Y&DSCL this summer, they host Clifton Alliance II at South Side, on April 26th.
    Yet another long established Club – Hornse CC, will also play Patrington CC in the same div, but go to my favourite ground (still ) the picturesque Londesborough Park CC come 26th April, they play 22 matches as usual.
    Humbeton II compete in the Conference Div Five, with local rivals Roos, Hornsea IV, Sutton II, North Ferriby II, HICE III, Hessle III, Cottingham IV, Welton III, Carlton Towers II, South Cave II, Gilberdyke II & Cherry Burton II.
    It all points to an interesting campaign!
    To conclude this saga, a reminder that a new ECB Association of Cricket Officials (ECB ACO), (Umpires) Level One Training( 8 week), Course starts on Sunday 9th February, 10 am til 12, costing about £20 including the Exam.
    Venue is the upstairs room at Hull Zingari CC. If interested , please just turn up, the Course Tutor being ECB registered Mike Free.
    Malc Ripley.

  4. Photo of great interest to my family – at last we now have a photo of our grandad! (Alf Brown). Showed this article to my father yesterday (also called Alf) but he had no idea of the date it was taken, although he did remember most of those mentioned.

  5. My Dad played for SHCC on and off as a fast bowler and “rabbit” batsman, he used to tell me all sorts of tales featuring many of the chaps in this photo so it’s great to be able to put faces to names.
    Thanks for this

    1. Sara – your very welcome, pleased you enjoyed it . Ray Duff will be (hopefully) publishing more similar ones shortly!

      The Club will always remember Howard Horseman too, a tall, bespectacled and quick opening bowler, and part time umpire with SHCC, who sadly died some time ago in Leeds, his sister Pat told me recently!
      Regards, Malc Ripley.

      1. Hi Malc
        You know, after i posted my last comment, it occured to me that i’d not actually given my Dad’s name – but you obviously didn’t need it! Yes. Howard (or Dad!) passed away at Christmas 2008. I still have his little SHCC trophy displayed with pride on the shelf and a few photos knocking around. If i find any of interest, i’ll upload them if that’s ok? In the meantime, i’ll look forward to Mr Duff’s!
        Kind regards

          1. Howard Horseman from daughter SaraThis is a photograph of Howard Horseman sent in by his daughter Sara who says:

            “It shows Howard (my Dad) with his Dad (Her)Bert Horseman. Having discussed it with my uncle, we are 98% positive this is something to with South Holderness Cricket Club and I would date it in the early 60s – judging by the specs Dad is wearing. If you can shed any more light on this, I’d be grateful.” 

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