WOULD YOU use a local ‘bus’ service to travel into Hedon town centre, rather than take the car?  The answer to this question is probably at the heart of a radical proposal being considered by Hedon Town Council, to contribute to the town’s dire parking problems in the town centre.

The proposal seeks to provide a convenient transport service that people could hop-on and hop-off in order to get to and from the town centre. The preferred service – although this is still being investigated – would run approximately every 20 minutes between 8am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday, and carry people from the outer areas of Hedon into the town centre. The preferred option would be to provide this service for free.

The typical costs of running such a service is estimated to be £62,400 per year. And one way to finance it would be to impose a cost on Hedon’s residents through their Hedon Town Council tax precept which would equate to an extra 55p per household, per week according to figures presented to the Town Council last night.

Type of vehicle not specified, but HART's medi-buses frequently travel Hedon's streets
Type of vehicle to be used has not been specified, but HART’s medi-buses frequently travel Hedon’s streets

The proposal is indeed radical. It would – ‘preferably’ says the schemes’ supporters – aim to provide free transport at the point of use for residents of Hedon and would contribute massively towards alleviating the parking problems in the town centre. It would help reduce traffic problems at ‘school-run’ times, and would be a boon for those using the town centre shops and services, as well as for travel around Hedon itself. The scheme, say supporters, is not impossible – but do-able!

Although – and it needs to be emphasisedno decision has been taken on this proposal, Hedon Town Council is taking it seriously and during the budget-setting meeting in January 2014 will be conducting an exercise which involves factoring in the anticipated costs of the local transport scheme to see how that would affect the overall precept and budget.

The scheme does raise certain controversial issues:

  • Should general services be provided by all council tax payers, when not all of them will benefit? Will non-users of the service be happy to pay for it?
  • Should fares be charged to offset costs to council tax payers? And would this effect use of the service? Or should it be free as suggested?
  • Will car drivers actually be convinced to leave their cars at home and use a local transport service? Will it, in practice, alleviate parking problems?

The last point seems especially crucial – and this is a specific question to Hedon Blog readers:

Would you change your behaviour, leave your car at home, and instead use a local transport service passing close and conveniently near your home to travel into Hedon centre?

Whilst this proposal is still under investigation as to its feasibility and there is still much to be done – it is certain to generate lots of interest and discussion in the town.

Visit: www.hedon.gov.uk

14 thoughts on “£62,400 Local Transport solution to town’s parking problems?

  1. Coffeepot teapot , why dont people use there own names , ridiculous.

    As far as this scheme is concerned I must say I agree completely with Sarah Jordan , people with cars will not wait for the bus to pop into town for a pint of milk , however im sure our older residents would make use of the service , those without cars, seems like another tory grey vote grabbing tactic, our pensioners have enough benefits, no bedroom tax, heating allowance, mobility allowances to name just a few. Its a ridiculous thought to think this scheme will reduce congestion in the town.

    1. Just be careful about going too much off topic Ms Coffeepot and Ms Teapot! Otherwise Ms Beryl Beerglass the Editor will act!

      On a serious note, this thread of comments hopes to find out if people would leave their cars at home and use a bus? Over on our Facebook Page a few people have said they would.

      Also, if the principle of universal taxation to support public services no longer has any support (historically this was the main way that we showed social solidarity with other people), then would this idea of a local transport system gain more popularity if it was paid for through other sources of funding i.e. grants and/or via fares charged to users?

  2. Thinking on there are EYMS buses that run past the proposed areas (Inmans, Leaf Sail and Westlands) so if people really did want to leave their cars at home they would use existing public transport, walk or cycle.

  3. I don’t doubt that for one minute but this scheme proposed above is about reducing traffic problems and asking people to leave their cars at home. Like I stated in my previous comment it will be the non car drivers that use it.

  4. The councillor who proposed this cares very deeply about the people in Hedon. He is not only thinking of the car drivers but also the elderly and disabled.

  5. Unbelievable! Nobody will use it apart from non car drivers which completely defeats the object. How dare the council even suggest tax payers fund this service? They live in cloud cuckoo land if they think people would agree to this.

    1. No Sarah, they don’t live in cloud cuckoo land, but they do live in Hedon! Now where is it you live now?


      1. It doesn’t matter that I am no longer a Hedon resident. Until very recently I lived here for 36 years I work in Hedon and all my family and friends live in Hedon. I was also on the council. Hedon will always be in my heart which is why I read the blog and comment on here. Although recently married I am still using my maiden name so people are aware of who I am unlike you Lydia Teapot. If this blog is only for Hedon residents to use and comment on then im sure Ray will let me know and I will no longer post comments.

        1. Thanks for your explanation Sarah, but it wasn’t necessary as far as I am concerned. I can confirm that you have been and remain a valuable contributor to conversations on here.

          The Hedon Blog hopes to play the role of a local community resource that all those with an interest in the town can draw from and contribute to. People have an interest in the town as residents, workers here and visitors.

          The Blog has to try and remain a friendly place for all those leaving comments – we want to encourage a wide range of views, but preferably without unduly harsh criticism of those we don’t agree with.

          It’s difficult on the Blog at the moment to keep things focused because of the ‘flame-war’ as a result of the recent Hedon Town Council fall out. However, through the role of moderation of comments, I hope to keep things on track more and try to reduce the offence that some people take at some of the comments made.

          After this distraction, perhaps this thread can get back to the transport issues…..?

          Ray (Editor)

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