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Our Facebook Page debate – Parking on Market Days

GARY ROBINSON asks why – when the Market has packed up on Wednesdays – parking wardens continue to act against motorists until 6pm!?

GARY ROBINSON asks why – when the Market has packed up on Wednesdays – the East Riding Council parking wardens continue to act against motorists until 6pm!?

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Update: Here are the two signs at Market Hill car park informing people of the restrictions:

10 thoughts on “Our Facebook Page debate – Parking on Market Days

  1. Mr Jardine. I will rise above your unnecessarily rude remarks and provide you and other contributors with background on this matter.

    Firstly, as a town councillor, and local business owner I am more than aware of the parking problems in our town, and Hedon is not unique in this regard as the same type of problems plague every market town in the country. Parking is without doubt on the Town Council’s Agendas more than any other subject

    Upon reading Gary Robinson’s report of Wednesday before last, I immediately contacted the Parking Enforcement manager at County Hall and he advised me of their position in this, namely, they have no option, if made aware of breaches of restrictions, they must ‘enforce’ which means that any car parked illegally will be ticketed, and a fine issued. But of course the number of wardens is limited and they can’t be everywhere at once.

    I also called the Town Clerk and asked for an item to be placed on the next available committee, which was done, and the issue of Wednesday Market – Parking was discussed this Thursday, the earliest available opportunity.

    As Ray states, the various aspects of the matter, and the interests of the various parties (shopkeepers, market traders and of course motorists) were explored in some detail. I proposed that two courses should be followed, firstly that we ask East Riding officers to talk to us regarding having the 6am to 6pm restriction reconsidered ( but if it is agreed to alter the times, that will take time to implement because of procedures that need to be adhered to) and secondly that we bring the Market Manager into the discussion to obtain his advice on what might be done to improve the situation surrounding parking on market day. The Town Council unanimously backed those proposals.

    And, for the record I undertook these actions as Deputy Mayor of Hedon, not The Mayor, and further neither the Mayor, nor the Deputy Mayor or indeed any of the town’s councillors receive any payment for the hundreds of hours every year we put into safeguarding and promoting our lovely old town.

    But, sometimes, I do wonder why we do it!

    Yours, as always, pushing my pen,

    Cllr. John P Dennis
    Deputy Mayor of Hedon

    1. sorry didnt mean to come over a rude we start at 4.30 am and very rare get away from hedon for 4pm as we are on the inside line and by the time we travel re load the van for the next day many a its 6.30 finish and as garry painted a nice piture your words did wind me up look after the shops some lonely(young) people look forwad to mkt day see friends buy goods it seens like a life line for some lots visit the mkt from homes in hedon we are all trying to make a living please except my apologies john would still love ya to have alook for ya self to see how crazy the parking is around 3.45 its mad and very dangerous regaurds kevin ps ill take the pen pusher back sorry your just like us doing a thankless job
      just before i go could you tell me who do we contact for cars left over night as the police now say its down to the council can you help with that many thanks

  2. At the Town Council meeting last night Councillor Dennis reported on two aspects of this that needed consideration:

    1. Parking enforcement officers were taking action against vehicles right up until 6pm on a Market Day, even though the market was ending around 3:30pm.

    2. Drivers were trying to park up as soon as spaces became available, even while the market stalls were still being dismantled! This is causing potentially dangerous problems.

    Those responsible for civil parking enforcement at the East Riding Council had told Councillor Dennis that the existing 6am – 6pm restrictions on a Wednesday will be enforced as the law requires, there would be no exceptions or allowances made.

    Hedon Town Council last night agreed to suggest two courses of action:

    Firstly, to recommend to the East Riding Council that the parking restriction on Wednesday Market Day be changed to end at 4pm rather than 6pm. This would mean that the market would have to close and be cleared away before 4pm.

    Secondly, that discussion takes place with the Market Manager and market traders to allow for the safe placement of traffic cones across the car park to signify its closure while the market is being dismantled.

    Note: This is from my observations at the meeting last night. Change to traffic regulation always takes some time to implement, so the 6am – 6pm needs to be strictly observed in the meantime.

  3. im sure the market traders would love to be gone for 3,30 and not 4.00pm like most weeks garry such lovely people on the market. traders and punters alike we have made lots of friends in hedon even your wife life is to short as a guy told me after driving over my stall bars sure your mr mayor will resolve it fellow

    take it easy

  4. I have only recently become a Market Trader and the feedback from the public is extremely promising but I can see the other side to this as well in order for Hedon to be sufficient and provide the community with a cost effective supply of goods that cannot be bought locally a market is a good business model as it is a portable business for those just starting up I have read earlier on in the year comments on moving the market to enable it to expand and bring traders of various supplies to the area this surely will be beneficial to both parties and the community and could be businesses of the future for the area.which will lead to job creation improved standards of living a flourishing self sufficient community.

  5. John, Would you agree that we should put this on the agenda at the Council and get behind the local traders to support them on this matter? I agree with you that it is ridiculous and makes no sense at all. It will be interesting to see the explanation that Parking Enforcement comes up with.

  6. I agree, it’s just ridiculous! Having read this I’ve sent it on to Parking Enforcement at County Hall to ask for an explanation.

    1. bring ya self down and see for your self instead of sat in an office pushing a pen it mayhem cars parking round stalls lets see you face down there what about cars left over nite and no one to ring till 9 am come on mr mayor lets see ya down here hands on do the job your paid for regards kevin

      1. thanks jonn dennis for taking time to come down to the market sorry i wasnt there to meet you due to bad weather im way 14th for 2 weeks but any time after that feel free to call and say hi thanks again for your time regaurds kevin j

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