Debate: Parking on double yellows for up to 15 minutes?

A GOVERNMENT MINISTER has suggested that motorists could be allowed to park free of charge on double yellow lines for up to 15 minutes. How would this affect us in Hedon?…

double yellow lines road markingsGOVERNMENT MINISTER Eric Pickles has suggested that motorists could be allowed to park free of charge on double yellow lines for up to 15 minutes in order to help boost local town centre shops and businesses.

Under the plan drivers could be given this quarter-of-an-hour grace period in order to pick up goods from a local shops. Parking and waiting on double yellow lines is currently prohibited for all vehicles except for those making commercial deliveries and pick-ups, blue badge holders and the emergency services.

The Federation of Small Businesses has responded positively to the suggestion, its Chairman John Allen said: “Poor parking provision has a significant impact on business. Proposing to allow motorists to park for free for 15 minutes on double-yellow lines is interesting and looks at ways to provide parking for businesses and consumers.

“We know that businesses have suffered because customers can’t stop outside to pop in for a loaf of bread or a pint of milk and choose instead to go to the supermarket, which has free parking. It would also have the added benefit of making it easier for businesses to use high street services, such as the bank or Post Office too. This proposal highlights the need for a clear discussion about parking provision across the country and how to limit the use of
parking fees and fines for financial gain.”

Parking and parking provision is a controversial issue in Hedon and the subject of much discussion at Hedon Town Council. It will be interesting to hear the response from local town councillors on this latest idea from Mr Pickles.

4 thoughts on “Debate: Parking on double yellows for up to 15 minutes?

  1. As Mark says, the law is abused every day – people in a hurry decide they are above the law and park outside the post office/hsbc/coop… causing a nuisance and danger to pedestrians and motorists alike because theyre too damn lazy !…
    I’d like to see the law enforced and a lot of tickets given out as a deterrent.
    The cynic John, is Eric Pickles ( Cabinet member) for raising this, when he has no intention of doing anything about it…. but it does encourage the self important selfish behavious of those who flout the law.

  2. Parking on double yellow lines to nip into local shops or use cash machine happens everyday on st augustines gate.

  3. And – this is the cynic speaking – people know that we only see the parking warden intermittently and the 15 minute facility would be abused big-style!

  4. I personally think it’s wrong to park on double yellows for any length of time, double yellows are there for a reason, to stop people parking inconsideratly or in dangerous places that would obstruct the flow of traffic, causing backlogs. If you’re able to walk then stop being so lazy and park further away and get out your cars! If you can’t walk then thats different.

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