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Labour Candidate Steve Gallant Election Statement

STEVE GALLANT has published his Hedon Town Council by-election statement on the Hedon Blog….

Steve Gallant photoSTEVE GALLANT has published his Hedon Town Council by-election statement on the Hedon Blog.

In his statement Mr Gallant introduces himself as a local candidate but also as a Labour Candidate.

He states: “I gather my standing as a Labour candidate is viewed as controversial by some as the council is dominated by independents (even though some are in fact Conservatives). My view is, that as I am a long standing member of the Labour Party, it is only honest and open of me to stand as such. Moreover, if Conservative views are represented on the Council, I think it only fair that those residents of a different view have a voice too.”

Whilst acknowledging that Hedon Town Council only has limited direct responsibilities, he does feel that the Council can bring “the most direct influence” to bear on the decisions made by the East Riding Council and by agencies like Yorkshire Water.

Mr Gallant emphasises the threat to schools from East Riding cuts, and the need for Hedon Town Council to have a fresh approach to development and jobs as been major issues of concern. You can read the entire statement at the link highlighted above.

There are two candidates in the Hedon Town Council by-election, the other candidate is SARAH ROMMELL an independent candidate.

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2 thoughts on “Labour Candidate Steve Gallant Election Statement

  1. Part of Mr Gallant’s by-election statement is TOTALLY UNTRUE!!! Where does the information come from that Paull and Burstwick Schools could close? This is not a fact but your assumption. You say to trust you. How can people do that if your by-election statement has details in it which are false. I would like a response but will I get one!!

    1. Burstwick and Paull schools are NOT under threat of closure! Mr Gallant’s rash statement may have made many people nervous – parents of pupils at those schools, the adults that work there and even the pupils themselves. How can someone who wants to be in a position of authority be allowed to say that? Will Mr Gallant be retracting this untrue statement?

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